The Iraqi parliament fails to pass the electoral districts clause





2020-09-26 12:07

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Shafaq News / During a session on Saturday, the Iraqi parliament failed to pass the electoral districts clause in the new election law due to disagreements about it between the political blocs.

The session was mainly dedicated to resolving this paragraph, which has been controversial for many months.

Parliament postponed the vote on this paragraph until Saturday, October 10, due to the continuing disagreements about it between the political blocs, according to what Shafaq News sender reported.

Parliament was delayed in convening by 4 hours due to the lack of a quorum for the number of members present due to the intensification of disputes over the electoral districts clause.

The session witnessed stormy developments represented by withdrawals and the rebellion of deputies against their blocs during the distribution of the draft of the electoral districts.

The disagreement prevails over whether to divide one governorate into one or multiple electoral districts.

The passage of the new law is the main dilemma facing the holding of early elections, which are scheduled to take place on the sixth of next June.


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