After a delay of 4 hours .. The start of the Parliament session for resolving electoral districts






2020-09-26 08:08

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Shafaq News / On Saturday, the Iraqi Parliament started its session to resolve disputes over electoral districts in the new election law.

Parliament was delayed for meeting 4 hours due to the lack of a quorum for the number of members present due to the intensification of disputes between the political blocs regarding the electoral districts.

According to the correspondent of Shafaq News Agency, Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi opened the session in the presence of 179 deputies.

Two representative sources had previously informed Shafaq News of the possibility of postponing the session due to differences that still prevail over the topic of the session.

Today’s session is scheduled to settle disputes over electoral constituencies, in preparation for passing the law that is relied upon to hold early parliamentary elections next June.

According to documents obtained by Shafaq News Agency, the legal committee prepared a proposal that includes a compromise solution to settle disputes by allocating one electoral district for every four parliamentary seats.

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