The government announces the steps and mechanisms of the anti-corruption committee and comments on “ leaked names. ”

1,230 Policy 09/22/2020 17:28 ht

Baghdad today – Baghdad

The spokesman for the Prime Minister, Ahmed Mulla Talal, revealed, on Tuesday, September 22, 2020, the steps and mechanisms of the work of the Anti-Corruption Committee headed by Lieutenant General Ahmed Abu Ragheef, while he confirmed that the names published on social media sites are required to eliminate corruption cases. Flour.

“The Anti-Corruption Committee, headed by Abu Ragheef, will not eliminate the role of the rest of the institutions responsible for combating bureaucracy in government institutions, and it will not target specific names or specific personalities as far as it relies on files on corruption cases,” Mulla Talal said at a press conference in Baghdad.

He added that “there are attempts to distort the work of the committee or broadcast rumors about preventing the travel of officials or talking about the escape of officials.”

He continued, “The government will not reveal any names at present before the investigations are completed, and the names of personalities published on social media are inaccurate, and you will hear real names soon.”

Since the announcement of the Permanent Committee to Combat Corruption and Important Crimes, Iraqis have been awaiting the committee’s moves to investigate major corruption files, headed by Lieutenant General Ahmed Abu Ragheef, who confirmed that the functions of his committee go beyond major cases and work under the supervision of the Supreme Judicial Council.

On social media and the media, the reports circulating about the arrests of former and current officials in the country by the committee do not subside, and while the numbers of detainees or candidates for arrest on corruption charges have reached large numbers, observers and members of the House of Representatives believe that the committee has not yet started with major corruption heads, and it is still It is limited to “juniors,” and needs more political support.

According to the Diwani order announced last Friday, the Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, assigned the anti-terrorist forces for the first time, to implement the decisions issued by the Anti-Corruption Commission in corruption cases.

To this day, the arrest of the former head of the National Retirement Authority, Ahmed Al-Saadi, and the director and owner of the “Key Card” company, Bahaa Abdul-Hussein, is the most prominent, at a time when government sources report the arrest of 6 senior officials, in addition to preventing former officials from traveling, but members of the Council Representatives see the moves so far ineffective.

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