An informed source reveals the direct cause of late September salaries

5,261 Sweeteners 09/22/2020 19:08

Baghdad today – Baghdad

Today, Tuesday (9/22/2020), an informed source revealed the latest developments in the employee salaries disbursement file for the current month of September.

The source said to (Baghdad Today), that “the payment of salaries of employees for the current month of September, is currently suspended, pending approval of the budget in the House of Representatives.”

He added that “the Ministry of Finance has suspended the distribution of salaries of state employees, pending approval of the budget, until salaries are distributed.”

He continued, “The lack of financial liquidity has led to the delay in paying salaries to state employees.”

For his part, the reporter of the Finance Committee, Ahmed Al-Saffar, said in an interview with (Baghdad Today), “According to our information, there is liquidity available to pay salaries for this month also depending on the amount of the borrowing.”

And that “the coming months will be funded through the legislation of the General Budget Law, because the project has been sent to the House of Representatives and we expect to approve it within a month.”

He pointed out that “the reasons for the delay belong to the Ministry of Finance, whether technical or administrative.”

On Saturday (September 19, 2020), a member of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Parliament, Jamal Cougar, revealed how the government will pay employees’ salaries for the coming months of this year.

Cougar said in an interview with (Baghdad Today), “The Iraqi government will pay the salaries of employees for the coming months, through internal borrowing, as it included a paragraph in the 2020 budget law that enables it to obtain an internal loan.”

And he added, “Without the approval of the Iraqi parliament on this paragraph, the government will not be able to pay salaries.”

And Cougar said, “The House of Representatives will be forced to approve the Iraqi government’s borrowing, so that the employees’ salaries are secured and paid on time. ”

He added, “But approval will be conditional. We will not agree to the government to borrow however it wants. Rather, approval will only be to borrow to pay employees’ salaries, in specific amounts.”



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