The Iraqi presidencies and leaders of political blocs discuss the elections and the budget and announce a position on bombing


Iraqi presidencies


2020-09-21 15:47

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Shafaq News / A meeting of the presidents of the republic, the government, the House of Representatives, the Supreme Judicial Council and most of the leaders of the political blocs were held in the Government Palace in Baghdad, today, Monday, 9/21/2020.

According to a statement by Al-Kazemi’s office, during the meeting, a frank and comprehensive discussion took place on the latest security and political developments at the national, regional and international levels, as well as the federal budget, while the meeting focused on the importance of holding early parliamentary elections coming and ensuring that they are free and fair, taking into account international standards.

The meeting also stressed the need to expedite the vote on the new election law, in its complete final form as soon as possible, and for the urgent completion of the completion of the quorum for membership of the Federal Court.

They stressed the necessity of adopting the biometric card exclusively for voting in the upcoming elections, and also called on the Independent High Electoral Commission to take all necessary measures to enable voters in all parts of Iraq to obtain their electoral cards in a suitable time without excluding the displaced and displaced.

While the meeting called on the commission to double its efforts in preparation for the upcoming elections, they stressed the importance of intensifying the role of the United Nations in supporting the commission and enhancing its capabilities in conducting the elections, as well as monitoring it in a way that guarantees its integrity and transparency.

 The meeting strongly condemned and condemned all the attacks on Iraqi and foreign facilities recently witnessed in the country, including the launching of rockets that targeted official diplomatic facilities and the homes of innocent citizens. They consider that these attacks, whatever their source, represent unrighteous attacks on the national sovereignty and the interests of the Iraqi people.

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