Parliament sets a date for the completion of the election law, votes a law, and ends reading of 8 laws

Time: 09/21/2020 17:28:21

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The House of Representatives set, in its sixth session of the fourth parliamentary session of the third legislative year of the first legislative term, which was held under the chairmanship of Hassan Al-Kaabi, First Deputy Speaker, on Monday, and in the presence of 170 deputies, the date To complete the legislation of the House of Representatives election law, he voted on one law, while he finished reading and debating eight laws.

According to the council’s statement, Al Furat News received a copy of it, that at the beginning of the session, the council postponed voting in principle on the proposed law to cancel the dissolved Revolution Command Council’s decision No. (218) of 2002 submitted by the Legal and Financial Committees until the government’s opinion of the law is known from Financial aspect.

On the other hand, Al-Kaabi noted that the parliament will complete at the end of this week the legislation for the parliament elections law.

The Council voted on the draft law on the accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Minamata Convention on Mercury and submitted to the Foreign Relations, Health and Environment Committees to control and reduce the risk of mercury and its effects on the environment and human health from human emissions and releases of mercury and its compounds, and to transfer the best available technologies in everything related to mercury from its products, trade in it and sites. Contaminated with it and the method of storage and benefit from the experiences of countries.

The Council postponed the vote on the health insurance law proposal submitted by the Health and Environment Committee until the articles of the proposal are mature.

The Council ended reading the report and discussing the two draft laws for the accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Maritime Labor Convention of 2006 and the Law on the Accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Seafarers’ Document Identity Agreement No. (185) for the year 2003 submitted by the Committees on Foreign Relations, Labor, Social Affairs, Displaced and Deported

The Council completed the reading of the report and discussion of the draft law on the accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Second Protocol to the Hague Convention of 1954 on cultural property in the event of armed conflict submitted by the Committees on Foreign Relations, Culture, Tourism and Antiquities.

The Board completed reading the report and discussion of the draft law of the Republic of Iraq ‘s accession to the Convention on the Protection and Use of Watercourses Transboundary and International Lakes Helsinki 1992 and submitted by the Committees on Foreign Relations, Culture and Tourism and Antiquities.

The House of Representatives finished reading the report and discussion of the draft law amending the law of the Federal Supreme No. (30) For the year 2005 submitted by the Legal Committee.

The representatives’ interventions focused on the importance of replacing all members of the Federal Court and determining the issue of age and excluding them from the retirement law for a specific age, provided that the appointment of judges is by the Supreme Judicial Council, and the proposal to add two more members from the Kurdistan region within the reserves with the original members of the court, as well as making the enforcement of The law from the date of voting on it due to its utmost importance and the emphasis on the presence of experts in Islamic jurisprudence to ensure the conformity of the provisions issued in accordance with Article Two of the Constitution, and the demand to limit the amendment of the law to addressing the quorum of the court without entering into other additional amendments.

In its response to the interventions, the committee concerned with amending the Federal Court Law affirmed that consideration is given to the opinions and suggestions of the ladies representatives, indicating its focus in amending the law on the article related to amending the court’s numerical quorum and the mechanism for voting in it.

During the session chaired by Mr. Bashir Haddad, the Council completed the first reading of the draft law on the accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Convention on Limits of Liability for Maritime Claims of 1976 in its form amended by the 1996 Protocol, including the amended limits of liability therein submitted by the Foreign Relations Committee in order to set limits of liability Ship owners against claims related to ship salvage operations, deaths, bodily injuries, loss or damage to property, and placing it within its international legal framework.

The Council completed the first reading of the draft Law of the Third Amendment to the Industrial Investment Law for the Private and Mixed Sectors No. (20) of 1998 submitted by the Economic and Investment Committee to keep pace with industrial development and achieve advancement in the private and mixed industrial sector and to clarify the exemptions enjoyed by the industrial project that obtained the establishment license and define procedures for cancellation cases The leave and its impact.

The council concluded the first reading of the proposed law replacing freedom-depriving punishment with sums of money submitted by the Legal Committee to give the opportunity to some of those convicted of intentional crimes and offenses that are not of serious nature and to reduce the expenses that burden the state and add resources to the state treasury.

On the other hand, Bashir Haddad announced the arrival of the draft budget law for the year 2020 to Parliament.

The general discussions of the interventions of the ladies and gentlemen focused on the inclusion of financial allocations in the budget for the year 2020 for lecturers, contracts and daily procedures, responding to the demands of health cadres sitting in a number of governorates, and calling for hosting the advanced staff in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to inquire about some statements about Iraq’s borders with neighboring countries to see A map of the borders and the sovereignty of Iraq, the emphasis on the government’s control of uncontrolled weapons and the imposition of the law, and the need to accelerate the construction of the large port of Faw within international technical specifications, as well as the call to activate the Federal Service Council.

After that, it was decided to adjourn the session to Tuesday 9/22/2020.

Wafa Al-Fatlawi

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