The representative of the United Nations in Iraq brings to Sistani shocking facts about corruption and al-Maliki is looking for a solution in Iran

Tuesday 15 2020 – 02:00

Baghdad – Dr. Hamid Abdullah:

The representative of the United Nations in Iraq surrounded the Shiite cleric, Ali al-Sistani, with horrific facts about corruption and the killing of protesters, and according to a source close to the office of the Shiite reference, Jenin Hennes Plasschaert complained to Sistani about the parties’ attempts to obstruct the work of the United Nations mission by insisting on concealing the true numbers of protesters who were assassinated in Baghdad and the provinces and attempts to keep the murders against unknown.

A private conversation took place between Sistani and Blashardt, which Sistani’s office did not allow to leak to the media, including the authority’s support for the Al-Kazemi government in its fight against corruption, and that the reference supports the government in overthrowing the heads of corruption regardless of their positions and positions and the forces that protect them. 

What is striking about Sistani’s reception, the UN representative, is that the meeting was broadcast via a video tape in which the Shiite cleric was speaking, and it is one of the very rare cases in which video footage is allowed to leak.

According to the source, Balaskhat told al-Sistani that there are parties supported by foreign parties that do not want the elections to take place on the date set by the prime minister in June of next year, and that some influential political figures are working openly against issuing a new election law, in reference to former Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki, who announced that he would stand against the legislation of an electoral law that adopts multiple districts, and that his bloc supports the Saint-Lego system, which allows the ruling parties to remain in power.

For his part, Al-Maliki’s office announced that the latter arrived in Tehran for a visit for treatment and for talks with Iranian officials. Political sources in Baghdad suggest that Al-Maliki will listen to the directions of Iranian leaders on dealing with Al-Kazemi and thwarting his policy aimed at curtailing religious parties and getting Iraq out of the cocoon of dependency on Iran.

Deputy Dhafer Al-Ani said that the appointments issued by Al-Kazemi yesterday and included articulated sites in the state, such as the Central Bank, the Baghdad Municipality and the Investment Commission, were made on party lines, indicating that the ink of Najaf’s directives did not dry until the parties rushed to impose their representatives to occupy important and sensitive sites in the state. 

The Saerron coalition sponsored by Al-Sadr tried to deflect Sistani’s directives from their purposes. Deputy Riyadh Al-Masoudi said that Al-Sistani did not insist that the elections be held on time, but rather stressed the necessity of holding them after completing their requirements, in order to make them fair and transparent.


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