Economists comment on the “Al-Kazemi Revolution”: a first step to treating Iraq’s headache


Position changes

2020-09-14 17:54

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Shafaq News / Economic experts considered, today, Monday, that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s measures to change some positions in independent bodies come within the reform curriculum that he undertook, indicating that reform can only take place with the presence of qualified young faces working to engage the work with internal expertise.

Vice-President of the Iraqi Businessmen Union, Basem Jamil Antoine, said in an interview with Shafaq News, “Al-Kazemi has previously pledged to make radical changes in government departments and institutions,” indicating that “reform can only be done with the presence of competent, competent young faces with experience and integrity. ” .

Antoine added that “some of these departments have been vacant for some time, and therefore they need someone to lead them, such as the central bank, whose period was extended to his former governor of Al-Allaq, and as is the case for the National Investment Commission, which remained vacant for a long time, and therefore such important departments in the Iraqi state must be That there be an original director or governor in its management . ”

Antoine stressed that “the reform program and the promotion of investment needs a revolution, because Iraq suffers from crises and deficits in the budget, and thus needs an influx of investments from neighboring countries and the Gulf in the future, and the United States can help in this aspect.”

Antoine pointed out that “the curriculum, integrity, law enforcement, ending favoritism and clientelism, and eliminating corruption are basic issues that have been taken into consideration in this change.”

For his part, the economist Falah Hassan Alwan confirmed in an interview with Shafaq News that “these steps for change are necessary and required for the Iraqi economy, which suffers from many problems, especially at the present time,” indicating that “an economy suffers from internal or external pressures, starting from the low oil prices. “.

Alwan added that “any reform step is considered a good thing to curb financial and administrative corruption, and therefore it is a required step although it is not sufficient, but rather requires more precise and firm measures to reduce cases of financial and administrative corruption and put the economy on the economic wheel and achieve economic growth rates required at the present time.” “.

For its part, a member of the administrative board of the Iraqi Economists Association, Ikram Abdul Aziz, said in an interview with Shafaq News that “Al-Kazemi’s approach to change some departments is a positive step,” indicating that “choosing competence and experience in the field of specialization will succeed in the work assigned to them .”

And she added, “Some of these people who will occupy the positions are names coming from abroad and carrying investment and economic experiences from developed countries, and therefore, engaging these experiences with local expertise would be successful tools for any work you do for these departments .”

Today, Monday, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi made major changes in a number of positions, including the Central Bank, the Iraqi Trade Bank, the Baghdad Municipality and the National Investment Commission.


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