Iraq bans entry to Iranian and foreign visitors in the “fortieth season”

Sunday – 25 Muharram 1442 AH – 13 September 2020 AD Issue No. [15265]

Iraqi health workers measure the temperature of worshipers before entering the mosque in Kufa on Friday (AP)

Baghdad: Fadel Al-Nashmi

The Iraqi authorities have taken a decision not to allow entry of Iranian and foreign visitors to the country during the season of “the forty visit” to Karbala, which falls on the seventh of next October.

No official statement was issued by the Iraqi authorities in this regard, but Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced this yesterday, Saturday, during his speech at the meeting of the National Center to confront “Corona”.

Iranian media quoted President Rouhani as saying that “the worsening situation of Corona in Iraq and Iran will not allow Iranian visitors to go to this country in Imam Hussein’s forties.”

Rouhani added, “The Iraqi government has informed us that Iraq will not receive visitors from other countries on this occasion,” noting that “the ceremonies in Iran will take place in a limited way, with careful attention to health protocols.”

Iraq witnessed unprecedented statistics recorded of new cases with {Covid-19} in the last month, bringing the total confirmed infections to more than 285 thousand injuries.

On the other hand, Iraq, yesterday, the most famous sports star in the country was the coach and star of the former national football team, Nazem Shaker, after his death from his infection with the Corona virus. And Iraq previously lost the famous international player, Ahmed Radi, and coach Ali Hadi, as a result of their infection with the virus.

A majestic convoy toured the body of Captain Nazem Shaker, the streets of the city of Erbil in the Kurdistan region, in which he died, in preparation for his transport to Baghdad, where he will be buried.

Large sectors of Iraqis expressed their sadness at the departure of Shakir, the day before yesterday (Friday), after the deterioration of his health in a hospital in Erbil.

The Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, offered his condolences on the death of the Iraqi football star Nazem Shaker, as did his former companion in the national team and current Minister of Sports Adnan Darjal.

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