In his first statement … a spokesman for the international coalition describes the reduction of the American presence as “good news” and talks about “supporting the crowd.”

498 security 09/13/2020 12:41 ht

Baghdad Today- Follow up

The spokesman for the international coalition forces, Colonel Wayne Maruto, on Sunday (September 13, 2020), described the nature of the tasks of the coalition forces in the coming days, while he confirmed that the international coalition forces support the Popular Mobilization Forces.

In a televised statement, Maruto said, “The international coalition forces are coordinating all their movements with the Iraqi government in their campaign to eliminate ISIS in Iraq and Syria,” noting that “the international coalition forces are currently limited to providing advice and information to the Iraqi forces in order to eliminate what Remains of the terrorist organization. ”

He added, “The Iraqi forces are fully prepared to defeat ISIS at the present time, and there is no need to train our forces for them, and what they need from us is advice only.”

A spokesman for the international coalition said, “Its forces support the popular crowd because it is part of the Iraqi forces.”

On the reduction of US forces in Iraq, Maruto said, “The withdrawal of the United States of America of its forces from Iraq is good news, because these forces and the coalition forces were present at the request of the Iraqi government, and this means that there is progress and success achieved in the capabilities of Iraqi forces to confront ISIS.”

The spokesman for the international coalition, Colonel Miles Caggins, confirmed Saturday (05 September 2020) that the coalition has no problems with the Popular Mobilization Forces, while noting that the crowd made sacrifices and martyrs in the battles against ISIS.

Colonel Miles Caggins said, in a televised interview that she followed (Baghdad Today), that “the Popular Mobilization Forces had a major role in the war against ISIS, and they made sacrifices and martyrs, and the Iraqi forces in general have provided more human losses in fighting ISIS than we did because they are from Fought on the ground. ”

Caggins stressed: “We have no problem with the popular crowd, and a large portion of its fighters are in their areas to protect them, and there is also a crowd to protect the holy shrines and those most prominent, and there is also a crowd of Sunnis and it is not limited to Shiites.”

The spokesman for the International Coalition indicated, “There is no need for the international coalition forces to remain in Iraq after the threat of ISIS has passed away, which is trying to return, establish concentration and find strengths, and currently they are located outside cities such as the Hamrin hills and the Anbar desert, and we believe that permanently reinforcing the borders with Syria is necessary.” And for your information, ISIS members can no longer cross smoothly, and those who come enter through smuggling. ”

He continued, “The international coalition forces have provided the Iraqi forces with advanced tools in the towers to prevent the entry of ISIS militants across the borders,” indicating that “the international coalition does not carry out any strikes inside Iraq without the approval of its government, and what is carried out outside Iraq against any party that is not carried out by coalition aircraft, we only We are there to fight ISIS. ”

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