The text of the President’s speech to the delegation visiting the Kurdistan region headed by Al-Kazemi

2020.09.11 – 19:05

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Baghdad – People  

On Friday evening, the office of the President of the Republic issued a statement detailing the course of the meeting that brought President Barham Salih together with Prime Minister Al-Kazemi and his accompanying delegation in the city of Sulaymaniyah, pointing out that there is a “historic opportunity” to solve the outstanding issues between the center and the region, overcoming the mistakes of the past and moving towards a prosperous future.  

A presidential statement, a copy of which was received by People (September 11, 2020), quoted the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, as telling Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi during a tour of Mirjban district in Sulaymaniyah, that “there is a historic opportunity to solve the outstanding problems between the center and the region and for all Iraqis, while Al-Kazemi thanked the President of the Republic, appreciating his important role in overcoming obstacles in terms of employee salaries and the outstanding issues between the center and the region.  

The following is the speech of the President of the Republic, Dr. Barham Salih:  

“I have the honor to receive my brother and friend, His Excellency President Mustafa Al-Kazemi in Kurdistan, here in Mirjban, and I remember with him what Al-Jawahiri said in Kurdistan:  

My heart to Kurdistan is guided and mouthful  

And it may be good for the executed youngest  

Greet the Blessed Mountain and upon Him  

One of the ABCs of the victims is a dictionary.  

Mustafa Habibi and my friend, the State of the President, you come to Kurdistan and you are from Kurdistan among your family and you know that these mountains have always been a haven for the free people of Iraq, and today we have a historic opportunity to solve the outstanding problems between the region and the federal government, and I brand you all the best to resolve these problems and in a way that serves the Iraqis from Basra to Baghdad to Najaf, Anbar and Mosul, and to Kurdistan in Erbil and Sulaymaniyah. ”  

“These problems have accumulated over the years and we have a real opportunity to solve them, and I have no doubt that you are working with your team and with the support of good people to solve these problems in a way that secures a free and decent life for all citizens and employees in Kurdistan and the South and in a way that guarantees rights and justice for all. Welcome back to Kurdistan.”  

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi responded to President Saleh’s welcome by saying:  

“Mr. President, I thank you, and I agree with you in all that I have said, and I appreciate the size of the challenges and the size of the history of this region, which was a safe haven for me personally and for the group of friends.”  

“We will not forget this for Kurdistan, and we will not forget that our suffering is one suffering, just as our suffering was in the seventies, when our Kurdish people were in the hospitality and generosity of our people from southern Iraq, and the Kurds hosted our people from the south and the rest of Iraq in the nineties.”  

“We need to learn from this historical relationship. We are going through difficult circumstances and we must evaluate the experience. We must admit that after 2003 we failed to establish good governance in Iraq, and now we must look for an opportunity to transform this failure into a success story with your existence, my existence, and the existence of all good people.” God willing, we will succeed in establishing a future for the children of Iraq. ”  

“I thank you, Mr. President, for your efforts in overcoming obstacles facing the federal government in terms of salaries and some dues in the Kurdistan region. You had an important role and our partners in the region and Baghdad. Thank you very much, Mr. President.”  

To that, the President of the Republic stressed, in an expanded meeting with Al-Kazemi and the ministerial delegation, and in the presence of the Governor of Sulaymaniyah, Haval Abu Bakr, and the leaders of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, the Movement for Change and the Kurdistan Islamic Union, the need to find solutions to the financial issues pending between the center and the region in accordance with the constitution, and in a manner that guarantees the salaries of Iraqi citizens, including citizens The territory, and the importance of securing farmers’ dues and meeting their legal rights.  

The President pointed out that, through his continuous follow-up and support for the course of the discussions between the center and the region, he stressed the urgent need for a legal and fair settlement in accordance with a basic principle based on ensuring that the federal budget funds and the region’s resources reach their beneficiaries, and ensuring a decent free life for citizens.  

Barham Salih praised Al-Kazemi’s visit to the region, expressing his hope that this visit, which comes at a pivotal stage, will be a serious opportunity to resolve existing disputes in accordance with the constitution and in a manner that guarantees everyone’s rights.  

The President of the Republic indicated during the meeting that the continuing differences between the center and the region reflected negatively on the aspirations of citizens to ensure stable economic conditions, stressing that ending the pending files would enhance the overall situation in the country and push towards development and progress plans.  

During the meeting, the importance of strengthening security coordination and intensifying military efforts to confront security challenges, confront terrorism that is lurking in the country, and work to enhance security and stability was emphasized.  

The President of the Republic also discussed with Al-Kazemi the overall political, security and economic developments in Iraq and the region, most notably the support for all efforts to provide the requirements for holding elections in a manner that ensures their integrity and restores confidence in the electoral process, developments in the health situation and preventive and remedial measures to confront the Corona pandemic.

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