Al-Kazemi promises to pay the farmers’ dues in the Kurdistan Region in three stages

Kurdistan Region

Kurdistan Region


Financial receivables

2020-09-11 13:04

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Shafaq News / The co-chair of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Lahore Sheikh Genki, announced on Friday that the Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, promised to pay the financial dues to the farmers of Kurdistan Region.

Genki said in a post on social networking sites “Facebook” today that he received with the co-president Pavel Talabani, and with a group of members of the political bureau of the National Union Kazemi in the shrine of “Mam Jalal.”

He added, “On the way, we talked about several issues, one of which is the issue of financial dues for the farmers of the Kurdistan Region,” noting that Al-Kazemi pledged to disburse these dues in three stages.

Earlier today, a number of Kurdish farmers organized a pause in front of Sulaymaniyah International Airport, during which they demanded their financial dues for agricultural crops that were marketed by the federal government .

The demonstration coincided with the arrival of Al-Kazemi to Sulaymaniyah Governorate during his tour in the Kurdistan Region.

Al-Kazemi’s office had announced that the latter had listened to the demands of a number of demonstrators and protesters in Sulaymaniyah .

Al-Mutakib added, “Al-Kazemi was informed of the problems and protest issues raised by the demonstrators, including a number of peasants and farmers demanding payment of their financial dues in exchange for marketing their crops . ”

The statement continued that Al-Kazemi promised to conduct a comprehensive review of all administrative procedures in order to meet the demands of the demonstrators and grant rights, in accordance with justice and equality for all the sons of Iraq .

And the Agriculture and Water Committee of the Kurdistan Regional Parliament announced early September that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi pledged to the President of the region, Nechirvan Barzani, to pay the financial dues to the farmers of Kurdistan for the years (2014-2016).

The deputy head of the committee, Shawan Zarari, said in a statement, that “the day before the visit of the President of the Kurdistan Region to Baghdad, we asked him to include farmers’ dues in his visit work program for meeting senior Iraqi officials, and that this issue be discussed in full and in detail .”

He explained that “the office of the president of the region contacted him and informed him that Nechirvan Barzani discussed with Mustafa Al-Kazemi the financial dues of farmers for the years 2014-2015-2016,” noting that “the Prime Minister pledged to find a complete solution to the financial dues of farmers within a short period of time.”

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