A member of Barzani’s party: The atmosphere is positive between Baghdad and Erbil, and we must protect it from those living in crisis


2020-09-09 | 07:07


A member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Shirzad Qasim, said, on Wednesday, that there is a “positive atmosphere” in the dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil, calling for the protection of that atmosphere and the “positive agreements” it produces from those who “live on crises and want to create a gap” between Baghdad and Erbil to obtain ” Rich material for elections. ”

Qasim said in an interview with Alsumaria News, “The government delegation is from the region Kurdistan Headed by Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani (who arrived at Baghdad Yesterday), it was his duty to complete the previous dialogues of the delegations that visited BaghdadNoting that “there is a number of crises and outstanding files, including the budget file, oil, Peshmerga, border crossings, Article 140 and other important files between the two sides.

He added, “As far as we know, the atmosphere during the dialogues was positive, and it is possible in light of such an atmosphere to reach satisfactory solutions for all parties through joint action to achieve the supreme interests of the Iraqi and Kurdish peoples.”

He continued, “We must confirm any positive agreements in light of this optimistic atmosphere and protect it from the attempts of some who have lived through crises and want to continue disputes and create a gap betweenBaghdad And the region and they are looking for problems so that they have rich material for the elections, or to make the people distracted from their real and constitutional demands. ”

Qasim went on to say, “There is clear seriousness from my government Baghdad AndErbil To zero in crises and solve all problems in accordance with the constitution and the supreme interests of the people. ”


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