“The influential parties no longer control the prime minister.”



Window parties

2020-09-08 11:03

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Shafaq News / The independent MP for Diyala Governorate, Nahida al-Daini, said on Tuesday that political parties no longer control the prime minister under the current government headed by Mustafa al-Kazimi.

In a special statement to Shafaq News, Al-Daini said that influential parties are trying to recycle the same former faces accused of corruption to fill high government positions.

Al-Daini indicated that these parties are accustomed to managing the files of the prime minister, adding, “But they cannot do that as before.”

Al-Daini also denied attacking Al-Kazemi.

Media and social media platforms reported statements attributed to Al-Daini, stating, “We have not seen any achievements from Al-Kazemi on the ground until this moment, but rather relied on the loud media.”

Al-Daini responded by saying, “I have never made such statements, and I have no knowledge of them,” pointing out that “Al-Kazemi faces great and grave challenges, most notably resolving the issue of fugitive weapons, corruption, and a good choice of personalities suitable for positions.”


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