Economy News» publishes cabinet decisions that include borrowing from Saudi Arabia

Council of Ministers headed by Mustafa Al-Kazemi

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Economy News – Baghdad

Today, Tuesday, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi presided over the regular session of the Council of Ministers, during which a number of issues and topics included in its agenda were discussed and several decisions were issued regarding them .


Al-Kazemi directed that an extraordinary session of the Council of Ministers be held early next week, devoted to discussing the 2020 budget .


Al-Kazemi also directed the competent authorities to expedite work on the e-government project, address the problems it faces as quickly as possible, and prepare an integrated report on the measures taken next week, the stages of work, and the diagnosis of ministries lagging in this regard, and the reasons for their delay .


The Minister of Health and Environment presented a detailed report on the latest developments in the Corona pandemic in Iraq, the ministry’s efforts to provide medical services to injured patients, its preparations to contain any potential increase, as well as its procedures in providing treatment supplies and in the field of preventive awareness programs .



While the Minister of Electricity reviewed the efforts of his ministry in providing electric power to citizens, improving its production level, addressing problems facing production lines, and also its procedures in maintenance and production work for the next stage .

After discussing the topics included in the agenda, the Council issued the following decisions :

First / Approval of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, in coordination with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, to implement the national project for youth employment by making use of the guidebook prepared by the Ministry of Planning .


Second / Approval of the financial conditions regarding the two loans of the Saudi Fund, the details of which are fixed in the Ministry of Finance’s letter No. Diwaniyah, and a loan for the construction of Saqlawiyah Hospital in Anbar Governorate .


Third / Approval of the terms of the loan related to the National Electricity Company for Import and Export, which are confirmed in the Ministry of Finance’s book number: 4306, dated 07/27/2020, and authorizing the Minister of Finance, Mr. (Ali Haider Abdul Amir Allawi) to sign a loan agreement between the Popular Mobilization Authority. And the China National Electric Power Company for Import and Export for a total amount of (78539,000) dollars, only seventy-eight million five hundred thirty-nine thousand dollars, with the guarantee of the International Export Guarantee Corporation, for the purpose of equipping the aforementioned body with mechanisms of various types and sizes, based on the provisions of Article (2 / Second) of Law on domestic and external borrowing to finance the fiscal deficit (5 of 2020 ).


Fourth / Approval of the following :

1 – authorize the Director General of Civil Aviation Authority and the agency the authority to negotiate and sign a draft air transport agreement between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain , as amended by the State Council, based on the provisions of Article (80 / item VI) of the Constitution .


2 – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs prepares the necessary authorization document in the name of the Republic of Iraq for the Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority as an agency according to the approved contexts, and submits it to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers in order to obtain the signature of the Prime Minister .


Fifth /

1 – Approval of the amendment of Article (6 / Second / B) of the Instructions to Facilitate the Implementation of the Law on Employment of Higher Certificate Holders No. (3) of 2019, according to the following: (Auditing of staff and records of appointments in universities, colleges and private institutes, and the extent to which the ratio of teachers to students is taken into account to achieve The global ratios of teachers versus students for medical specialties are (1-12), for engineering and scientific majors, (1-20), and for humanitarian specialties is (1-30 ).


2- Obliging universities, colleges and private institutes not to increase the percentage of retirees and to benefit from the total teaching staff over the owners.

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