Customs: Yesterday’s revenues exceeded two billion dinars

Editing date: 02/09/2020 21:50


The General Authority for Customs announced, on Wednesday, that its revenues exceeded two billion dinars yesterday in its customs centers.

The authority said, “The total revenues achieved yesterday in its customs centers amounted to more than two billion dinars, despite the zero customs duties on many goods and the lack of imports due to the closure of some border centers due to the Corona pandemic.”

She added, “In light of the difficult economic and health conditions that pass through our dear country, its cadres working in all customs directorates and centers continue to actively contribute to standing up to help their people and their homeland, uniting all challenges and obstacles to work to improve their work and achieve the highest revenues.”

She indicated, “It has contributed to facilitating the entry of thousands of consignments of medicines, medical supplies and foodstuffs around the clock, day and night, with efforts and direct follow-up by the higher management in the authority in order to facilitate the smooth entry of consignments into the country for basic and foodstuffs, especially human medicines, to deliver them to the consumer in light of the crisis. Current ”.

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