Karbouli issues the first comment on the burning of the “Tigris” and identifies those involved





2020-08-31 13:28

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Shafaq News / The head of the “solution” party, Jamal al-Karbouli, accused the “militias of darkness” of being behind the burning of the headquarters of the “Tigris” channel owned by him in the capital, Baghdad, on Monday.

Angry Shiite protesters stormed the headquarters of the Dijlah satellite channel, located in the Jadriya district, in central Baghdad, after the “Tigris Tarab” channel broadcast songs on the day of Ashura, which they considered “an infringement of the Husseinian rituals.”

The protesters broke down the contents of the building before setting fire to it and preventing civil defense teams from extinguishing it.

In his first comment on the incident, Al-Karbouli said, “I will respect the judiciary and appear before it, despite the fact that the Tigris Tarab channel is directed to the Arab public to introduce Iraqi heritage and art, and it is completely devoid of any political program and no journalist works with it except for computer technicians, all of whom work from outside Iraq.” .

He added, in a statement received by Shafaq News, “I am determined to file a complaint with the same judge against the owners of electronic channels and platforms that did not respect the occasion of the death of the Prophet Muhammad and insist on violating our sanctities and religious symbols, and their media platforms do not stop insulting the Companions as well as insulting the Christian, Sabian and Yazidi brothers. “.

And he added, “We got used to burning the Tigris channel by the militias of darkness, just as we used to fire Katyushas at international missions in front of the eyes of the security forces … they burned Iraq before.”

Videos released by the intruders showed security personnel marching alongside the intruders into the headquarters of the channel, while the protesters shouted, “Come on, Oh Hussein.”

The security personnel were present with the intruders when they were breaking down the contents of the TV headquarters and setting it on fire without moving a finger.

The Tigris TV had apologized for broadcasting its “Degla Tarab” station for music programs on the day of Ashura, and said, “What happened was not intended” and decided to close the channel temporarily.

The Tigris Canal, in both its main parts, and “Tarab” is owned by Karbouli.


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