Away from the political file .. a high-level Kurdish delegation in Baghdad

Time: 08/30/2020 18:14:53 Read: 1,053 times

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} A ministerial delegation from the Kurdistan region arrived in the capital, Baghdad, on Sunday, to hold discussions with the federal government regarding the IMF and International Central Bank’s proposal for a three-year budget.

 The Deputy Minister of Planning in the region, Zakros Fattah, said in a press statement, “The Federal Ministry of Finance has invited a meeting to discuss the proposal of the International Monetary Fund and the International Central Bank to change the budget system from one-year budget to a three-year budget.”

He added, “On the basis of this invitation, a committee was formed headed by the Iraqi Ministry of Finance and representatives from the Ministries of Oil and Planning and the Central Bank of Iraq,” noting that the Kurdistan Regional Government was invited to participate in the Federal Committee and discuss the issue technically. ”

And Fattah indicated that” the region’s delegation will continue with The federal side will discuss this tripartite budget until next September, and it will not go into political files. It represents a technical committee that will discuss everything related to the budget in all its aspects.

Wafa Al-Fatlawi


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