The Baghdad conflict ends with 8 casualties after the intervention of the army and tribal sheikhs




Clan conflict

2020-08-28 16:55

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Shafaq News / On Friday, a security source stated that the violent clan conflict in the outskirts of Baghdad had been resolved after the intervention of the army and tribal sheikhs, indicating that 8 victims were killed during the conflict between the dead and wounded.

The source told Shafaq News, “The toll of the violent clan conflict that broke out in the Al-Husayniyah neighborhood reached one dead and 7 wounded.”

He added that “the situation is somewhat calm at the present time,” noting that “the sheikhs of the tribes intervened and succeeded in establishing a truce (atwa) between the two conflicting parties.”

The source pointed out that the security forces deployed in the streets and alleys, while the gunmen on both sides were still stationed on the roofs of houses with their weapons.

And on the cause of the outbreak of the conflict, the source said that it was due to one of them detonating a motorcycle in front of Hosseini’s motorcade, which led to a quarrel that developed into a violent conflict with weapons.   

On Friday evening, a violent clan conflict broke out, using light and medium weapons, within the Husseinieh district on the outskirts of Baghdad.

A security source told Shafaq News Agency that a number of homes and wheels were set on fire as a result of the armed conflict, and the conflict’s fire extended to a store containing spare materials due to the launch of a mortar shell by one of the parties to the conflict, while 15 civil defense teams worked to extinguish the fires.

The source also stated that more than 70 military Hummer cars belonging to the 11th division of the army arrived at the scene of the clashes in an attempt to control the conflict.

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