Text of Al-Kazemi’s speech at the tripartite summit in Amman

Time: 08/25/2020 15:58:40

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} Our agency publishes the text of the speech of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi at the tripartite summit held in the Jordanian capital Amman between Iraq, Jordan and Egypt.

In his speech, Al-Kazemi said, “I am pleased to express how happy I am to meet on the land of the sisterly Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, to meet King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein, and I commend the historical and solid relations of our two countries, and I reiterate our firm stance on issues of common interest, and our keenness to integrate Our Arab peoples and their sovereignty, independence and stability. ”

He added, “I am also pleased to meet the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt {Abdel Fattah El-Sisi} and value his keenness to participate, and to confirm his country’s adherence to the mechanism of political consultations between our countries, which was launched at the summit level in Cairo on 3/24/2019, to discuss ways of cooperation, coordination and integration between countries The three –

Our region does not need new wars and conflicts, but rather we need all to stand with each other and work to achieve the aspiration of our peoples in terms of security, stability, development and a better life, and to work to make peace.

Iraq is committed to a strategic vision that supports the stability of the region and creates the opportunity for calm, and this path is built on the continuation of dialogues between the actors at the regional level.

Iraq adheres to the establishment of balanced relations with all neighboring countries, and attaches importance to protecting its sovereignty, security and stability. It cooperates with brothers and friends in the framework of mutual respect and non-interference in internal affairs.

We look forward to creating a bright future that provides our peoples with a decent life in light of the values of peace, tolerance, stability, prosperity, and social justice, and we meet today upholding our original, firm values for the good of our countries and peoples.

We reiterate Iraq’s firm position in support of the Palestinian cause, and the right of the Palestinian people to establish their state with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital.

We affirm the importance of the collective will to defeat terrorism and eliminate it through comprehensive regional and international cooperation and confront all those who support terrorism with financing and arming, and the need to complete the battle against terrorist groups in light of the victory achieved by Iraq in its battle against the terrorist organization ISIS.

Iraq is keen on the importance of a comprehensive political solution to the region’s crises on the basis of common historical interests among peoples, in a way that preserves the unity and independence of the countries of the region and their territorial integrity, the capabilities of their peoples, and allows the preservation of national security.

The vision of Iraq focuses on adopting the participants, distancing themselves from conflicts, achieving integration and economic cooperation between the three countries through the development of joint industrial (economic) zones, and the need to create multi-faceted strategic partnerships with the aim of strengthening the presence of the Iraqi economy jointly with the economies of Arab countries, and for more Of stability, and luxury.

We look forward to opening new horizons for cooperation in the economic, commercial and investment fields, in the fields of energy, electricity, infrastructure, reconstruction, transportation and health.

The historical and geographical ties between Iraq and its brothers in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Arab Republic of Egypt provide us with opportunities to build a base for common economic interests that secure long-term investment partnerships and broad-based trade exchange, as well as enriching the Iraqi, Jordanian and Egyptian markets with the joint products of these countries, and in a way that contributes to strengthening the presence of The Arab market.

The new brightness that we are looking for is a vision of peace, love, integrity and openness for the future of future generations.

We emphasize the importance of meeting periodically to coordinate positions and policies in order to achieve the interests and goals of our peoples in stability and economic prosperity, expand cooperation with brotherly and friendly countries, and build balanced international relations.

Iraq, which starts from its Arab depth and its historical neighborhood, and from the insistence of its people on a free and dignified life, will actively contribute to affirming the values of peace and integration with brothers and friends … and a permanent platform for building dialogue and devoting understandings as an alternative to conflicts.

Our peoples can no longer tolerate more conflicts, our youth have the will to create a better reality, and it is our duty all to translate this will into reality and action programs, to replace the language of war with the language of development and construction, and to build on the participants and not stop in front of differences, to achieve opportunities for progress and peace.

Our peoples deserve the future, and we hope this meeting will be a gateway to the future.

Ammar Al-Masoudi


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