Barzani’s office reveals the reason for the salary deduction and confirms: We will abandon the procedure after the agreement with Baghdad

Policy 2020/08/25 11:46 836 Editor: ha    

Baghdad Today – Special

The Secretary of the Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan Region, Amang Rahim, confirmed, Tuesday (August 25, 2020), that the regional government has resorted to deducting the salaries of employees in the past two months, forced due to the lack of revenues.

In an interview with (Baghdad Today), Rahim said, “The government appreciates the citizens’ patience and their endurance of the difficult living conditions that have been greatly affected by the Coronavirus and the measures taken by the regional government to protect citizens from this epidemic.”

He added, “The economic situation is gradually improving and the issue of canceling the deduction or not is due to the percentage of revenues, because the regional government needs 895 billion dinars to pay the employees’ salaries in full.”

Rahim pointed out that “with the amount sent from Baghdad and the region’s revenues, the full amount was 730 billion, which is less than the total amount. Nevertheless, the government continued to open mega projects and lay the foundation stone for strategic projects and provide services to citizens in various sectors. Our mission is not limited to the distribution of salaries. We have.” Big missions and we succeeded in them. ”

He continued: “We hope that with the improvement of the economic situation and the gradual return of life, the deduction will stop and that this will be the last month because we have taken it compulsively and with the recent agreements that were made with the federal government, the situation will improve significantly.”

Thousands demonstrated in Sulaymaniyah and Halabja and torched a number of government buildings and party headquarters to protest against the Kurdistan Regional Government’s continued deduction of 21% in employee salaries.

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