Kurdistan: Next week, a new round of negotiations between Baghdad and Erbil


Political| 06:10 – 23/08/2020


Baghdad – Mawazine News
, the Secretary of the Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan region confirmed, on Sunday, that the issue of the 2021 budget was discussed with the Iraqi ministers of finance and oil, and that another round of talks is scheduled to start next week.
Amang Rahim said, according to Kurdish media, that “on the sidelines of our visit to Washington, we discussed the Iraqi budget for 2021 in general, especially the budget and share of the Kurdistan region.”
He added, “On the issue of the budget and energy, another round of negotiations between Erbil and Baghdad will begin next week,” noting that “the agreement that took place between the Kurdistan Regional Government and Baghdad on August 15 made it easier for both sides to solve many of the outstanding issues, so next week a round will start.” Another of the dialogues between Erbil and Baghdad on the budget, oil and energy. ”Ended 29 / h



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