Iraqi Finance confirms to proceed with a plan to automate customs transactions and procedures

23 August 2020 10:07 PM

Mubasher: The Iraqi Ministry of Finance confirmed today, Sunday, that it will implement automation and simplify customs procedures as part of the government’s program to reform the economy and diversify revenues.

The ministry stated in a statement, “Some media outlets and social media sites have transmitted misleading information about (automating customs) with strange news that contradicts the facts and deliberately offends the ministry and its work. 

The Iraqi Finance added, “The ministry deals with professionalism and transparency and in accordance with the law and would like to inform the public opinion of the facts, not by launching arbitrary charges, far from reality.” 

He pointed out that “the government and the Ministry of Finance continue to implement automation and simplify procedures in the ministry, as part of the government’s program to reform the economy and diversify revenues, including the application of automation and the simplification of procedures in customs.” 

She noted that “the measures come within the white paper prepared by the government, which includes economic, financial and administrative reforms, plans and strategies to meet the challenges facing the country.” 

The ministry affirmed that “the automation procedures and the selection of companies are carried out in a transparent manner, in accordance with the laws and instructions, and in coordination with the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry also in continuous dialogue with the World Bank and with sister Arab countries to benefit from their successful experience in customs automation.” 

And the Iraqi Finance continued in its statement that it will not issue any tender in this area without full transparency and preparation of a fair atmosphere and space for all. Therefore, we ask the fair Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council to take all legal measures against anyone who misleads facts and throws false accusations and tries through that. Defamation of everyone who does transparent, clear and careful work through his workplace. ” 

The ministry affirmed its respect and appreciation for the supervisory authority for the media and for freedom of expression and opinion, and at the same time it warns everyone who manipulates the facts and misleads public opinion, and reserves the right to prosecute anyone who falsifies the truth.


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