Al-Rasheed completes 1041 of the entries relating to the advances of resident employees whose salaries are with the bank

Time: 08/23/2020 20:46:57

Al-Furat News: Baghdad} Al-Rasheed Bank announced today, Sunday, the completion of (1041) records for the advances of resident employees whose salaries are at the bank, and work is underway to complete all transactions as soon as possible, noting that the departments concerned are antiquities and heritage

Health things are technical



Iraqi Board of Medical Specializations

Ibn Rushd Company

Basra Municipality

Municipality of Imam Al-Sadiq

Al-Thager Municipality

Badia of the monastery

Al-Zubair Municipality

Municipality of Justice

Public Municipalities – Basra

Qurna Municipality

Al-Musayyib Municipality

Municipality of Jurf Al-Nasr

Shatt Al-Arab Municipality

Municipality of Ezzedine Salim

Kufa technician

Distribution of petroleum products – cycle

Al-Qasim University

University of Kufa

Al-Muthanna University

The two rivers university

Baghdad University

University of Misan

Anbar Treasury

Babylon Treasury

Life of property claims

Office of Financial Supervision

Care for minors – Dhi Qar

Irrigation and trenching of Nineveh

Silo Muthanna

Samawah Prison

Iraq Railways

Al-Muthanna Cement Factory

Al Farouk Company

Imam Al-Kadhim College

Baghdad sewers contracts

Ports of Iraq

Kut fabric

Basra Oil

North Oil

Ministry of Planning, National Center

Ministry of Finance


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