An explosion hits an armory of the Popular Mobilization Forces in Baghdad

2020.08.19 – 22:34

Baghdad – People  

On Wednesday, the Popular Mobilization Forces announced that there had been an explosion in a warehouse of one of the HTS formations, without causing any casualties.  

The crowd stated in a statement that “people” received a copy of it (August 19, 2020), that “an explosion occurred at exactly four o’clock in the evening today, an explosion occurred in the warehouse of equipment formations of the Commission affiliated to the Baghdad Operations Division Command of the Popular Mobilization Forces without any casualties.”  

He added, “The Popular Mobilization Intelligence immediately began conducting the necessary investigations regarding the nature and causes of the explosion, which occurred in Qamishli (the former al-Qa`qa facility) south of Baghdad.”  

The statement indicated that “the military site is far from residential areas and neighborhoods.”


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