After Baghdad delivered 320 billion dinars to Kurdistan, Al-Kaabi: The region must hand over the proceeds

Baghdad / Al-Akhbariya

Hassan Karim Al-Kaabi, First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, called on the Kurdistan region to hand over oil revenues against the backdrop of Baghdad’s spending of 320 billion dinars to the region.

According to a statement received by Al-Akhbariya, Al-Kaabi called on the Council of Ministers to assume legal and moral responsibility towards the people in accordance with the principle of justice, equality and the public interest of the state, while he called on the Kurdistan Regional Government to end the file of handing over its revenues to Baghdad, considering that this file imposes many heavy burdens on the Baghdad government and our people in Territory. ”

Al-Kaabi stressed that “the 2019 budget passed through exceptional circumstances, as discussions were held between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government aimed at concluding a final agreement with the regional government to reach a final solution related to the delivery of oil exported from the region to Baghdad.”

 Al-Kaabi asked, “In any right or legal cover, the monthly sums are delivered to the Kurdistan government without auditing the financial control, and the oil revenues and other revenues collected in the region are handed over to the Federal Ministry of Finance after the end of the 2019 budget law on December 31, 2019.”

Al-Kaabi was surprised by “holding talks and discussions between the regional government and the government of Al-Kazemi, which ended with a decision whereby the regional government was handed over 320 billion Iraqi dinars without handing them over to the taxes, fees collected, resources of border crossings and airports, and exported oil revenues to the federal government.”

“The Council of Ministers, in one of its previous sessions, issued a decision to grant the Ministry of Health and the afflicted Dhi Qar Governorate an amount of 50 billion dinars to fill the shortfall in the needs of facing Corona and the urgent requirements of the Iraqi people, but the lack of cash led to the lack of funding The Ministry of Health and Dhi Qar, wondering how to spend 320 billion dinars for the regional government in light of these critical conditions that our governorates suffer from, which reach the point of not allocating funds that cover even stationery expenses in their departments.


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