A deputy denies the cancellation of the Kurdish delegation’s visit to Baghdad and confirms: A comprehensive agreement will be signed during the coming period

08/15/2020 14:46

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Section : Iraq

Baghdad / The obelisk: The deputy of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Hassan Ali, revealed, on Saturday August 15, 2020, the fact that the visit of the Kurdish delegation to the capital Baghdad has been canceled, while confirming that the situation between Baghdad and Erbil has never reached a dead end.

In an interview with the media, which was followed by Al-Masalla, Ali said that last week, things became very complicated due to statements and media statements, but contacts between officials from both sides are still continuing.

He added that the initiative of the President of the Republic and his call for understanding had a good effect, indicating that there will be development in the coming days, and the visit of the Kurdish delegation has not been canceled, but so far the date has not been set and pending the results of contacts and exchanged messages.

He explained that the agreement is still in place, and there are some observations from the federal government and the conditions and work is underway to reform them, stressing that in the end an understanding will be made and a comprehensive agreement signed during the coming period.

On Saturday August 15, 2020, the MP for State of Law, Kata Al-Rikabi, proposed solutions to end the tensions between Baghdad and Erbil, while noting that they begin forming committees.

Al-Rikabi said in a press statement followed by Al-Masalla that it was not the first time that tensions rose between the center and the region regarding issues of salaries and financial entitlements. Paragraphs and the agreement passes, but after a month or two of the agreement’s life, tensions and obstacles return to what they were, and the region did not abide by what was agreed upon.

 He added that the financial distress cast a shadow over the opinion of the current government, and its opinion was different from the usual views every year, so the Ministry of Finance demanded clarifications from the region regarding the money it received, and it is clear that the regional government did not respond to the central government’s claims and show the details, so the response of the Ministry was The region has a message of limitations or tensions, which is what increased tensions between the region and the center.

Al-Rikabi pointed out that the solutions that contribute to ending these tensions start with the formation of committees from the region and enter into a serious dialogue with the central government, in which all obstacles are dissolved, indicating that the overall solutions are clear and the region should abide by the pledges and the agreement that is made with the central government.

He continued that the government’s agreement with the region does not involve any wrongdoing in the region, but the central government will bear its responsibilities towards this agreement, however the region has not adhered to this agreement, noting that the region’s repeated calls to the center regarding employee salaries have raised the center’s questions about the reason for the delay in the distribution of salaries in The region is responsible for the employees, at the time when the center delivered the salary dues to the region.

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