Two ways for Al-Kazemi to Washington: bowing to those who object, or advancing Iraq and a diplomatic presence, and invoking the strategic partnership.

Baghdad / Al-Akhbariya

As soon as the Prime Minister’s Office announced, on August 8, 2020, the details of his upcoming visit to the United States of America, and political parties and circles learned that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi will meet with Washington at the White House US President Donald Trump on the twentieth of this month, until claims, threats and threats were flooded .

A statement by Al-Kazemi’s office said that the Prime Minister will have an official visit at the head of a government delegation, which will include discussing the files of bilateral relations between Iraq and the United States, issues of common interest, and joint cooperation in the fields of security, energy, health, economy and investment, and ways to enhance them, in addition to the file to address the Corona pandemic, And bilateral cooperation in a way that serves the common interests of the two countries. However, some parties, especially the state ones, took the lead in opposing the visit and said if it did not produce tangible results regarding the removal of US forces from Iraq, the visit would not be beneficial.

In this regard, a researcher on Middle East issues and a specialist in Iraqi and Iranian affairs and the files of extremism, Ahmed al-Yasiri, said to Al-Ikhbariya, “Al-Kazemi’s visit to America is a step to attend and recall… attending the Iraqi diplomacy’s effectiveness after a period of absence due to the interactions of the internal and regional situation … and invoking partnership The strategy between the two countries that has been affected by the US-Iranian differences. ”

He added that “Al-Kazemi has an opportunity to resolve the argument of lineups and invest the visit in different directions,” pointing out that “those who object to the visit of Al-Kazemi from the state parties do not tolerate seeing Al-Kazemi bisecting the White House chairs with Trump, as they are accustomed to seeing Iraqi politicians barefoot on Iranian carpets.”

It is expected that Al-Kazemi’s visit to Washington will spark widespread controversy within Iraqi circles, especially the parties that strongly support the American withdrawal from Iraq, especially since the Iraqi and American statements did not include a reference to discussing the issue of withdrawal.

Professor of National Security at Nahrain University, Dr. Hussein Allawi, said in a statement that “the Americans find that Iraqi-American relations must move towards a new horizon, starting from where the branches of the relationship tree froze on the economic and energy side in addition to the security and political side,” explaining that “the government Al-Iraqiya is thinking about how to overcome crises in the economy and the Corona pandemic, build new infrastructure in the field of electricity and water, and use military technology in the face of ISIS remnants and local threats to internal security.

Allawi pointed out that “in the corridors of the political forces behind the scenes everyone wants a good relationship with the United States of America that helps the country and pushes things towards a new horizon, but between these visions you find the current of resistance rejecting the development of Iraqi-American relations as a result of the American-Iranian conflict that rejects this path.” .

He pointed out that “the messages of the special factions are continuing through sporadic attacks on American interests in Iraq, and therefore we need a two-way dialogue and path in order for the Iraqi government to know the extent of the relationship and the factors of connection because we have inherited a strange custom from previous governments, which is not to disclose in a transparent manner the course of Iraqi-American relations.” Stressing that “whenever the Iraqi government is clear in its tracks, it will be supported by the various forces.”

In turn, a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Imad Bajlan, told Al-Ikhbariya, “It is very evident that the pro-state parties oppose the visit of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to Washington and the opening of Iraq to the West, including America, and it is very natural because whoever sees the Iraqi scene realistically looks at him without arrogance and antagonism. That did not and will not even kill a fly. ”

He added that “Iraq is facing a dead end. As for America, it helps Iraq get out of the accumulated economic, health, security, and military crises, the interference of neighboring countries and the loss of sovereignty, and without that, Iraq is going towards the unknown because the situation is exacerbating day after day,” explaining that “Iraq is in a state of affairs.” The non-state and the control of the armed factions over the sovereign decisions and the fate of the country, and we reached the point where the prime minister does not know how to run the country amid these interventions. ”

Bajalan pointed out that “Al-Kazemi has become between a hammer and an anvil, between the militias and outlaw factions, and between the demonstrators and the people demanding services and the simplest necessities of life that previous governments and Shiite Islamic governments failed to provide the simplest services to the Shia,” pointing out that “it is very obvious that The state parties should oppose Al-Kazemi’s visit to Washington. ”

For his part, a responsible political source, who preferred not to be named, confirmed that “the files that will be discussed during the visit, at the sectoral level are the economy and energy, and the prime minister will seek to request the American government to urge American companies to work in Iraq and support Iraq in building an independent energy policy, especially in issues.” The associated gas will be matched by the urgent demand from the US administration, which is that there be a response to protect investors and provide them with social safety, in addition to reforming legislation, the visa system and the banking system.

He added that “there are security and political matters between the two sides. Iraqi-American relations are based on the security aspect in combating terrorism and building the capabilities of the armed forces. As for the political side, Iraq’s commitment to democratic values and Al-Kazemi’s step to develop the quality of democracy and the system of government through early elections in which the American side finds a part.” From a fundamental pillar that the United States of America sponsored through the democratic system, the constitution, periodic elections, and the peaceful transfer of power. ”

To that, the head of the Iraqi advisory council, Farhad Alaeddin, affirmed that “this visit is important for the Iraqi and American governments, especially that what is discussed will determine the course of bilateral and regional relations for Iraq,” explaining that “the visit will affect political events in the next stage.”

 He added, “At a time when this visit is expected to define the role of America and the international coalition forces in Iraq, it will cause a great internal debate among those opposed to dialogue with America, especially the parties loyal to Iran.”

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