Because of Corona..the decrease in financial circulation by about 89 billion dinars in the Iraqi market

18:35 – 10/08/2020


Information / private ..

The Iraqi Securities Commission announced, on Monday, a decrease in trading during the second quarter of the first quarter of 2020, by a difference of 89 billion dinars due to the Corona pandemic.

The head of the authority, Alaa Al-Saadi, told “the information” that “the total of what was traded in the Iraq Stock Exchange during the first quarter amounts to about 106 billion dinars from a total of more than 100 companies distributed over economic sectors, including telecommunications.”

He added that “the total of what was circulated in the Iraqi financial market during the second quarter reached about 17 billion dinars,” noting that “the difference between the first and second quarter of this year reaches 89 billion dinars in the stock market due to the Corona pandemic.”

The Corona pandemic affected the Iraqi economy and paralyzed most of its joints, especially the private sector.

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