The House of Representatives sends a letter to its employees and invites them to prepare for the parliamentary sessions

Sunday 9 August 2020 | 04:59 pm

The Presidency of the Council of Representatives sent a letter to the parliament’s employees calling on them to prepare for the convening of Parliament sessions to approve the important laws related to early elections .

A member of the Committee for Planning and Follow-up of the Parliamentary Government Program, a deputy for the Al-Fateh Alliance, Muhammad Al-Baldawi, said, “The Presidency of the House of Representatives has sent a letter to the administrative council’s employees asking them to attend and abide by the time in preparation for the resumption of Parliament sessions .”

He added that “the coming sessions are necessary to revitalize the Council and monitor the performance of the current government, as well as arranging the legislative conditions for early elections .”

Al-Baldawi pointed out that “the amendment of the parliamentary elections law and the Federal Court has become an urgent matter, as it cannot be postponed further,” pointing out that “everyone wants to go to early parliamentary elections legally

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