Most notably, Al-Amiri and Al-Fayyad … an international lawsuit against 41 Iraqi officials



Super Sheikh Ali

Hadi Al Ameri

2020-08-09 18:51

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Shafaq News / Deputy Faiq Sheikh Ali announced, on Sunday, that the head of the American-Iraqi Anti-Corruption Organization (IAACO), Ali Fadel, will file a lawsuit against 41 Iraqi officials close to Iran.

Sheikh Ali said in a tweet on Twitter, which was seen by Shafaq News, “Tomorrow, Monday, August 10, 2020 AD, the hero Ali Fadel will file a case before the International Criminal Court in The Hague against 41 Iraqi officials and militias.”

“The list begins with Faleh Al-Fayyad and ends with Hamed Al-Jazaery. Hadi Al-Ameri bears the number 6 in it,” he said, adding, “On my part, I will do my part, God willing.”

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