Al-Kazemi announces more aid to Lebanon and indicates the gravity of the conflict in the region





2020-08-09 12:25

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Shafaq News / The Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazimi, announced the provision of more aid to Lebanon, in light of the devastating Beirut Port explosion.

In his speech at the special international conference to provide support to Beirut and the Lebanese people, which was held via a television circuit, in which a number of heads of states in the world and the Arab world participated, Al-Kazemi said, “We are meeting in this difficult humanitarian moment, to stand united with the people of Lebanon.”

He added, “Lebanon is a unique case in the Middle East, and a model for tolerance, pluralism and acceptance of the other. Today, we stand with Lebanon in its ordeal, which is the ordeal of all of us, and we offer condolences to the families of the victims, and we wish healing for the injured.”

Al-Kazemi stressed that “Iraq, despite its difficult circumstances, was a pioneer in standing by the brotherly Lebanese people, whether in terms of providing emergency medical support or energy support, and we are continuing to prepare to fill the immediate deficiencies in the field of grain and other requirements.”

“Our deep understanding of the requirements of the post-disaster stage makes us face an immediate responsibility to stand with our Lebanese brothers to confront and overcome these challenges, and we realize that this will not be without the provision of a joint international will and responsibility,” he said.

Al-Kazemi expressed his hope that “from this conference, a project will be launched that will help the Lebanese to re-evaluate their political experience, coupled with an initiative to support the Lebanese economy and rebuild the damage inflicted on the Lebanese people, and not stop until Lebanon returns to its normal, stable situation as a source of culture, inspiration and leadership in the Middle East.” “.

He pointed out that “the Beirut tragedy is a deep and common lesson about the seriousness of the internal, regional and international political conflict in the region.”

And the Iraqi Prime Minister continued, “Baghdad, which has shed blood and tears and paid heavy and large prices for administrative and legal confusion, and damage to the fateful trust between the people and state institutions, and today we are trying to hold together and stand on our feet again. I call on everyone to support the Lebanese people with serious positions that mitigate the tragic effects of Beirut and the people of Lebanon.” “.

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