Iraqi Health issues its observations on the holiday and outlines the situation by canceling the ban or not next week

Corona News 8/20/2020 16:02 3985    

Baghdad today – follow up

The Iraqi Ministry of Health has set a date for resolving one of my options to proceed with the recommendation of the Higher Committee for Health and National Safety to cancel the ban after the holiday or the continuation of the procedures that were followed before it.

A spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Health – Dr. Saif Al-Badr said, “It is still too early to evaluate the epidemiological situation during the Eid period, because it has just ended. Corona’s symptoms do not appear until after the incubation period, which ranges between two days to two weeks.”

Regarding the health records recorded during the Eid period, he explained that “the lack of commitment was clear, especially in the popular areas in Baghdad and some governorates, and the possibility of infection in crowded areas more than others due to lack of commitment to social distance.”

And regarding the situation, what is the holiday of the weekend next week between Al-Badr, that “there will be a meeting soon for the Supreme Committee for National Health and Safety and will study the epidemiological situation and the latest developments, and decisions will be taken regarding the next stage to renew procedures or reduce them and according to epidemiological data,” noting that “the level of commitment by citizens to personal protection” And societal is the one that determines the going towards tightening or mitigation. ”

He stressed that “the best weapon to confront Corona at present is prevention.”

He pointed out during his talk about the epidemiological situation that “90% of infections with corona are mild and recover from days after two weeks.

Regarding the expected corona vaccine, he said that ”

Earlier, the public health specialist d. Abbas Al-Taan, “a lonely and realistic solution” to deal with Corona after the Eid al-Adha holiday.

Al-Taan said in a televised statement I followed (Baghdad today), that “Iraq is still in a dangerous stage in the face of Corona and will not exceed it in the next few period, and the virus is one wave that is strengthening and weakening, and the important thing now is to flatten the curve of infections at a certain level and work on events of gradual decline.”

He added, “To say that high temperatures will affect the virus and weaken it is a lie that was marketed to inform people of reassurance, and may have relied on the theory that viruses weaken with rising temperatures, but with corona the situation is different because it is a new and changing virus and has not yet understood its behavior and cannot give a clear and decisive opinion About it. ” 

Al-Taan added that “the Iraqi citizen was bored and tired of the subject of Corona, and only a few during the Eid period will adhere to preventive measures.

And the public health specialist pointed out that “the only and realistic solution is to restore life to normal after the holiday, and the responsibility for prevention remains with the citizen, with the need to implement strict measures by the state to prevent the collapse of the health system.”

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, Hazem Al-Jumaili, had confirmed earlier that any change or mitigation of preventive measures against the Corona virus exposes Iraq to a great danger, indicating the continuous rise in the number of cases of recovery is not sufficient to overcome the danger.

Al-Jumaili said in a televised interview, followed by (Baghdad Today), that “the continuous rise in the number of cases of Corona virus two weeks ago and at an average exceeding 2400 per day clearly indicates the absence of commitment from many citizens to personal protection and the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and this is a very dangerous indication.”

He continued, “Citizens and official bodies should pay attention to this issue and that the situation may pave the way for multiplying injuries to unprecedented and large numbers. Everyone knows that the health sector infrastructure suffers and the only solution is to adhere to prevention and social divergence and prevent gatherings that have become apparent in the absence of an official and legal deterrent.”

He pointed out that “the continuous rise in the number of recovery cases is not sufficient to overcome the danger, the preventive measures must be continued because it is the only solution that paves the way for the decline of injuries.”

“The virus is variable and unstable, and there are many countries that have returned to tightening measures and any mitigation could pave a great risk in the absence of commitment,” he added.

Since last July 24, Iraq has recorded a daily casualty rate of 2,000, and the highest toll was recorded on July 31, at 3,346.

On July 26, Iraq recorded the highest death toll of 122 cases, while the highest daily death toll for recoverers was 3,918 and occurred on July 28.


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