Baghdad reveals that talks with Erbil will resume





2020-08-04 09:50

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Shafak News / Prime Minister’s spokesman, Ahmed Mulla Talal, revealed, on Tuesday, that talks between the governments of Baghdad and Erbil will soon be resumed to resolve the outstanding differences between them.

This came at a press conference attended by a reporter of the Twilight News agency, in which Mulla Talal answered a number of questions.

Mulla Talal said that “there is a dialogue and communication   between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Region,” adding that “a delegation from the Kurdistan Region of Kurdistan will soon visit Baghdad” to resume the talks.

And he added, “For an option other than dialogue to solve problems according to law and constitution under the negotiating table and dialogue between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Region.” 

Regarding holding cabinet sessions outside the Baghdad governorate, Talal stressed, “The council will hold sessions in the governorates as they do in Baghdad, and there is no difference between one governorate and another. It is normal for the council to hold its session in Anbar province.” 

With regard to contracting with the day-to-day procedure, he indicated that the contract will take place as usual and without financial or legal deduction.

He pointed out that “one of the ministers contracted 210 thousand employees in the previous government, and that the current government is looking for a financial or legal exit to find a solution for these and the employees of contracts and daily procedures in some ministries of the state; and that these are sons of the government and it is working to help them to search for a financial exit or legal”. 

And on the water situation between Turkey and Iraq, a spokesman for the Prime Minister stated that “a committee formed under the chairmanship of the Minister of Water Resources to follow up the water file and the Turkish Alesso Dam and other dams with the Turkish side,” noting that “the Minister of Water Resources will lead a delegation to Turkey to discuss this and save the   share of Iraq in accordance with the agreements International. ” 

On the academic year, Talal said, “The Prime Minister instructed to hold an extraordinary or special session to discuss the next academic year and not to engage in issues as happened with the Corona pandemic.”

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