Two government banks will resume work tomorrow to complete the payment of salaries




2020-07-31 17:27

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Shafaq News / The Rafidain and Rashid banks owned by the state, on Friday, instructed to resume work on Saturday in some of their branches to complete the payment of employee salaries.

“According to the directives of the Ministry of Finance and the directives of the general manager of the bank, it was decided to resume work tomorrow, Saturday, for the branches that have resettlement and included in the payment of salaries in addition to some sections of the public administration,” the media office of the Rafidain Bank said in a statement received by Shafaq News.

He pointed out “the necessity to adhere to the preventive measures of Corona virus.”

For his part, Al-Rashid Bank said in a statement received to Shafaq News, that “according to the directives of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Iraq, the Director General of Al-Rashid Bank directed a number of its branches in Baghdad to resume work on Saturday, 1/8/2020 for the purpose of completing the salary increase for employees. Iraqi Ministry of Health. ”

The bank added that the branches covered are as follows:

1. The main branch.

2. The Twentieth Revolution Branch

3- Saffron branch 

4. The granule branch

5- Al-Rafidian neighborhood branch

6. Al-Mortada Branch 

7. Rabat branch 

8. The Great Imam Branch

10. Medical City branch

11. Abu Ghraib branch


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