The full text of Al-Kazimi’s speech … early elections and an affirmation of restoring the prestige of the state

2020.07.31 – 21:52

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Baghdad – people   

Nass publishes the full text of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazimi’s speech, in which he announced the sixth of next June, the date of the early elections.  

Next is the text of the word as it came from Al-Kazemi’s media office.   

In the name of of Allah the Merciful  


“Keep the covenant. The covenant was in charge.”  

Believe God Almighty  



The honorable people of Iraq  

People of pride, history, dignity and high meanings  


I extend to you today the highest congratulations on the advent of the blessed Eid Al-Adha, calling on the Lord to return it to our people and humanity with abundance of health, security, goodness and well-being.  


I return to our dear people to put before him the facts.  


From the first day I was assigned to form this government, our goal was to save Iraq from the specter of chaos and internal collision, a danger that was before all honorable, benevolent, and free people, and various parties tried to push to flood the homeland with blood, end its hopes for recovery, and restore balance after the stage of victory over the terrorist organization ISIS.  


Intersections, internal, regional and international conflicts are threatening again the security, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of Iraq and the future of its people, while long years of organized corruption, mismanagement, nepotism and lack of planning have left huge economic and social problems.  


In these circumstances, amid the challenges of the popular protest, the economic circumstance, and the spread of the Corona epidemic, accusations and slanders were issued against me personally and against everyone who approached me functionally and humanly, preceded, accompanied and followed the formation of this government.  


With the merits of forming a government that we wanted for it to be balanced and strong, we faced for several months the age of the government many obstacles, but we focused on the basic and honest goals of this government, which we set from the beginning and within the framework of the ministerial curriculum with the following criteria:  


First: Preparing for free, fair, and fair elections that produce a House of Representatives that elects a new government to represent the will and aspirations of the people.  


Since the first day of the election of the government, we have formed a specialized committee to overcome the obstacles before the election law, and the election commission. This committee has reached a result that I will announce at the end of this speech.  



Second: Confronting the worsening economic crisis.  

We have worked tirelessly to work on a comprehensive reform paper called “The White Paper” that will revive the Iraqi economy, solve financial crises expected to worsen during the coming months, activate agricultural and industrial production, introduce projects to address the crisis of our unemployed youth, revive the market, and put the Iraqi economy on the right track , By stopping waste and exploitation of public money.  


And because the password that we understand in all of the associated Iraqi crises is “the state”, and we see that there are no solutions to these crises without “restoring the prestige of the state” and “enabling the state to impose its policy and laws”, we have made a series of administrative changes to prevent the breakup of state institutions and to prevent them from being Weak exploited from the corrupt and weak souls and non-national stakeholders, and the outlets campaign was an example of the extension of state influence and the activation of customs and tax procedures.  


We rejected the patchwork and economic solutions that were intended to be passed on to the people, and we proceeded to purge institutions from the inside to prevent corruption, and we stripped many influential people in the corruption files of their strengths and the domination of official institutions, as a necessary first step before subjecting them to justice.  

We directed to audit all unimplemented investment licenses and idle projects to reach a comprehensive, fundamental solution that includes, either starting construction and completion in these projects or withdrawing them immediately and filing lawsuits against all those who tampered with the money of Iraq and a merchant and bribed to keep the work wheel stalled.  


We started practical steps in the field of Iraqi gas investment after years of waste, which I will not exaggerate if I say it was “intentional”.  



Third: Facing the Corona crisis, which is a serious global crisis that health institutions in all countries of the world were not prepared for, not to mention the Iraqi health institutions that have been lagged by neglect, corruption and weak management for many years.  



We have received hospitals suffering from poverty and overcrowding, and idle investment hospitals, which have not been opened for years, and we have immediately received some and started management procedures to face the Corona epidemic, and we will also receive the rest of the hospitals to open to citizens in the coming months.  



With the scarce state budget, we did not hesitate to provide any support to the health institutions and the heroic health staff, in order to carry out its duty at this sensitive stage.  


Fourth: Confronting the security turmoil and refusing to turn Iraq into a field of conflict of regional and international interests, and a country in which groups outside the law and organized crime tamper with corruption, and we were clear and keen from the first moment in completing the first stage of the strategic dialogue with the United States, provided that the criterion is the sovereignty of Iraq And territorial integrity and cooperation with his brothers, neighbors and friends.  



We said that we will not need an American military presence in Iraq as much as we need cooperation in the economic fields, education, culture, health, security cooperation, armament and training for our heroic Iraqi forces, as well as cooperation with the international coalition, and that preserving the lives and safety of diplomatic missions and those who supported us in the war against ISIS is the task of the government, It falls within its international sovereign obligations.  


In the past, we refused to drag Iraq into the policy of regional and international axes. We also affirmed the adoption of the principle of cooperation and non-interference in internal affairs between us and our neighbors and our friends.  


Fifth: The independent and fair investigation of everything that accompanied the October 2019 demonstrations and the following months.  


We have set our sights on from the very first moment that fair investigation procedures start from identifying the victim in a way that provides a solid and legal ground outside the scope of slogans and reviews to begin to restore rights and put those involved in the blood of Iraqis before justice.  


After only two months of investigation and scrutiny, we established a list of martyrs of the October events that included 561 heroic and betrayed martyrs among our young demonstrators and heroic security forces to include their families with all the moral and financial rights of the martyr. We give it up until the right returns to its owners.  


My sisters, my brothers, my sons, everywhere in the homeland  


We promised you not to spend 72 hours on the recent events of Tahrir Square before we identified the negligent and revealed the truth … and this is what we did.  


Imam Ali, peace be upon him, said:  


“The most honorable creatures meet”  


While we made a pledge to work to return the trust that surrounded our necks to the people, I announce the date of the sixth of June 2021 as the date for the early parliamentary elections, and we will work with all our efforts to make these elections successful, protect them and secure their requirements, as we ask the brothers in the esteemed parliament to send a law The elections for Mr. President of the Republic for approval, and that the Electoral Commission enjoy complete independence, and that the elections take place with the presence of international observers.  


We pledge to grant all competing forces equal protection and care to run in the elections, in which an unavoidable weapon does not affect them, and does not falsify the will of the people, and its results are made only by the free choices of our Iraqi people.  



Therefore, I pray that young people, political parties, thinkers and elders should be organized and ready to make a qualitative leap and lift Iraq out from the chaos of conflicts to security, prosperity and honorable political competition.  


Your will will change Iraq and remove from it the dust of years of wars, blood and conflicts.  

Your free will will create an Iraq of hope, not an Iraq of boredom, conspiracies, chaos, and anarchy of uncontrolled weapon  



We are not advocates of crises but rather seek a solution, and we will not deceive our people or manipulate their capabilities, for it is the great Iraqi people, the descendant of glory, the jewel of civilization, the source of generosity, loyalty and sacrifices.  


Peace be upon the people of Iraq  

A day built high morals and values  

And on the day carrying the weight of great principles generation after generation,  

The day of bleeding from his recessed wounds, clean Iraqi blood shines right.  



Peace be upon the Tigris and Euphrates  


Peace be upon the noble Iraqi palm trees, holy domes, saints, and prophets  


Peace be upon Iraq and the people of Iraq.


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