Barzani and Talabani reiterate the government’s distancing from political differences

Shafaq News / Kurdistan Regional Government Chairman Masrour Barzani and Pavel Talabani, the joint head of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, stressed on Monday the need to distance the regional government from political differences.

This came during a reception by Barzani Talabani at his office in Erbil, according to a statement issued by the Kurdistan Regional Government, which was received by Shafaq News.

In the meeting, the joint head of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, as a major participant in the government, expressed the support of the National Union for the Kurdistan Regional Government.

Talabani said that “the differences between the political parties should not be reflected in the work of government institutions, and all parties should be a catalyst and cooperate with each other in a broad way, and resolve their succession through dialogue.”

He added: “Our accomplishments are the fruit of unity, solidarity and harmony, and that is why we are exerting all our efforts to help overcome difficult circumstances and crises.”

For his part, the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government indicated that the citizens of the region, despite enduring the difficulties, are concerned about internal tensions and expect from all parties appropriate political conditions.

Barzani added that “the Kurdistan Regional Government is the entire Kurdistan Regional Government, and the coalition parties in the ninth ministerial formation must support the government’s work program, as it is a joint program for all those involved in its formation.”

The Prime Minister stressed that doing everything in his power to form the ninth ministerial formation in order to overcome the current health and economic conditions and improve the living conditions of citizens, a responsibility that needs support from all sides.

The PUK is boycotting the sessions of the Kurdistan Parliament in protest at its “marginalization” by its ally in the government, the Kurdistan Democratic Party, in the administration of the region.


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