Customs announces the end of the procedures for opening the Arar crossing and the proximity of the automation implementation to five outlets

Local | 01:47 – 07/22/2020

Baghdad – Mawazine News,

the General Customs Authority confirmed the opening of the Arar border port with the Saudi side after the completion of its rehabilitation works in accordance with the latest international technologies, which contributes to maximizing the customs revenues of the state, while it revealed that the automation system will be applied in five outlets selected as a first stage with a period not exceeding five months from now on.

The director of the General Customs Authority, Khaled Salah El-Din, said, according to the official newspaper, “The measures to ensure the success of the opening of the Arar border crossing with the Saudi side have been completed and pending the final agreement on a specific day to announce its official opening,” noting that “its opening will contribute to supporting the country’s economy, and that operations Its rehabilitation was carried out according to the latest international models in use at the border outlets.

And, “His inauguration was supposed to be decided during the postponed visit of the Prime Minister to Saudi Arabia. Nevertheless, the two sides are now in the framework of completing the procedures for the opening, and there is no intention at the present time for the Iraqi and Saudi sides to open any other border port.”

On Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s visits to border outlets and their impact on customs workers, Salahuddin said: “It reflects the government’s interest in the outlets because of its importance in achieving revenue as another revenue for the state except oil, and this reflects positively on the performance of employees and workers in the port because they feel government support towards them and follow-up By the highest pyramid in the country, and thus will contribute to arbitration procedures there very significantly. ”

He pointed out that “the authority and within the framework of arbitration of the procedures intentionally activated the idea of marketing goods to customs warehouses that will be used for purposes of demarcation, examination and others”, noting that “the direction is towards leasing warehouses belonging to the Ministry of Trade, and that the authority has approached the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to obtain approval to market the goods Directly connected to the outlets of the warehouses to conduct checks on them, determine fees and conduct inspection work.

Salahuddin revealed, “Setting a maximum period of five months for the application of the automation system in five outlets, two of which are in the south and the same in the western region and one in the airports to evaluate the experiment and in the event of its success it will be circulated to all ports provided that the latest findings of the countries in automation and work are applied in the ports Customs, “adding that” the authority has attracted a number of companies, provided they have similar businesses in other countries. ”

He stressed, “The application of the automation system will contribute to alleviating the burden on customs work and ensuring maximizing revenues and calculating customs fees in advance, in addition to the possibility of comparison between what the central bank sells through the currency auction to merchants and the goods received for the country and most important of all this is to reduce corruption in the ports Borderlands. “Ended 29 / A 43

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