Al-Kazemi returns from Tehran with Khamenei’s promise not to interfere with Baghdad’s relations with Washington

July 22, 2020





The Finnish Foreign Minister visits Iraq today

Al-Kazemi returns from Tehran with Khamenei’s promise not to interfere with Baghdad’s relations with Washington

Baghdad – Abdul-Latif al-Musawi

Tehran – Razak Namiq

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi and his accompanying delegation concluded yesterday, Wednesday, their two-day official visit to Iran, during which they met with Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and senior officials. Khamenei said in his meeting with Al-Kazemi that his country would deal a blow to America in response to the killing of the commander of the Quds Force with the Revolutionary Guards Qassem Soleimani, stressing that (his country will not interfere in the relationship of Baghdad with Washington), but he warned that the American presence on the Iranian border is causing security insecurity. (Iran will not interfere in Iraq’s relations with America, but expects Iraqi friends to know America and realize that its presence in any country causes corruption, destruction, and destruction). He continued that (the Islamic Republic expects to abide by the decision of the Iraqi parliament to expel American forces, as its presence is a reason for insecurity). Khamenei referred to the killing of Soleimani in a US air strike on a plane near Baghdad airport at the beginning of the year. He added that Iran “will never forget this and will certainly strike a retaliatory blow against the Americans.” In another context, Khamenei stressed that Iran opposes (what weakens the Iraqi government), unlike Washington, which he said does not want (an independent and strong Iraqi government elected by popular vote). The visit also saw the holding of talks between Al-Kazemi and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. The media office of the Prime Minister said in a statement received (Al-Zaman) yesterday that the two sides affirmed during the meeting (their desire to strengthen the bonds of economic and cultural relations between the two countries, and in the field of combating terrorism and health cooperation in the face of the Corona pandemic, as well as continuous cooperation to support the security and stability of the region) . The statement referred to Al-Kazemi’s meeting with Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. He added that the Iraqi delegations headed by Al-Kazemi, and the Iranian headed by the First Vice President of Iran, Ishaq Jahangiri held an expanded meeting (dealing with activating cooperation agreements between the two countries, ways to overcome obstacles and overcoming problems that might impede the progress of joint cooperation). Al-Kazemi and the accompanying delegation met with the President of the Shura Council Iranian Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, (where bilateral efforts were discussed in overcoming the health and economic effects of the Corona pandemic, and the challenges posed by the current economic crisis, as well as bilateral efforts to overcome them to serve the interests of the Iraqi and Iranian peoples). Al-Kazimi asserted during a joint press conference with the Iranian President that (Iraq cannot be the focus of a threat to Iran), noting that (Iraq has geographical, cultural and historical ties with Iran), stressing (the need for coordination regarding the common interests between the two countries). He continued (strong Iraq is able to contribute to the stability of the region), stressing (the importance of focusing on serious work to solve the outstanding problems in the region), noting that (the two countries face economic challenges and the people are waiting for a lot), noting that (the two sides discussed activating the agreements between the two countries ). For his part, the Iranian President stressed that (Tehran is ready to stand with Iraq to establish stability and security in the region), adding that (the two parties discussed the role of Iraq in resolving the issues of the region).

In the same context, Finance Minister Ali Abdul Amir Allawi announced that the southern crossings of Iraq with Iran would be reopened. This came during a meeting of Allawi with the head of the Iranian Customs Authority, Mahdi Mirashrafi, on the sidelines of Rouhani and Al-Kazemi’s meeting. Allawi stressed that Iraq will take a decision to reopen the southern ports soon, which were closed against the background of the Corona virus outbreak and were partially operated recently. He expressed Iraq’s desire to (joint cooperation and benefit from Iranian customs experiences in the field of automating procedures), proposing (dispatching Iraqi customs experts and employees to this Particular). The two sides affirmed (the necessity of establishing joint commercial portals), while the head of the Iranian Customs Authority expressed his readiness to implement joint measures in the field of customs information exchange, qualification of Iraqi customs officials and reopening of joint crossings.

الكاظمي يعود من طهران بوعد خامنئي عدم التدخل بعلاقات بغداد مع واشنطن



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