Kurdistan Parliament discusses the conditions of the disputed areas


 2020/07/19 15:49:49
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Shafaq News / The Kurdistan Parliament announced today, Sunday, that the disputed regions and parliamentarian affairs committees discussed the conditions in the disputed areas and the policy of Arabization and the risks of ISIS terrorists, and decided to prepare a report to include it in the program of work of the parliament’s sessions. 

A statement in the parliament received to Shafaq News Agency stated that with the aim of preparing a joint report on the situation in the disputed areas, a meeting was held today Sunday noon including the Peshmerga Affairs Committee in the Parliament of Kurdistan under the supervision of the Chairperson of the Disputed Areas Committee in the Parliament of Kurdistan Ravinc Hurry in the presence of members and advisors of the two committees.

The statement pointed out that the meeting witnessed an extensive discussion of the situation of the Kurdish regions outside the administration of the region, the policy of Arabization, displacement of the people of those areas, the dangers of militias on the components, as well as the risks of ISIS terrorists and coordination between the Peshmerga and Iraqi army forces to confront them. 

The statement added that a joint report, enhanced by statistics, data and claims, is to be prepared by the two committees of the regional governments and the federal government regarding the conditions of these regions and submitted to the Presidency of the Parliament with a view to including it in the program of work of the parliament sessions.


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