Clarification about Al-Kazemi’s borrowing from Saudi Arabia and the date for the payment of salaries

Editing Date: 7/1920 14:13


The Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed, on Sunday, the date for distributing the salaries of employees for the coming months, while stressing that the salaries are insured.

Committee member Abdul-Hadi Al-Saadawi said, in an interview that “all salaries for the coming months are insured and we do not need to borrow or recycle other money”, noting that “the defect and delay that occurred this month in the distribution of salaries due to the delay in voting on the decision of internal and external borrowing and the technical delay by Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance. ”

Al-Saadawi added that “we expect that this delay will not be repeated in the coming months, and the salaries will be distributed according to the time limits set for them.”

Regarding Al-Kazemi’s visit to Saudi Arabia and the possibility of borrowing from the Kingdom, Al-Saadawi stated that “Al-Kazemi’s visit does not touch on borrowing from Saudi Arabia, in addition to the fact that external borrowing is limited to a specific amount and time and many countries have refused to pay loans to Iraq.”

He continued, “The amount specified for external borrowing, which is five billion dollars, is not necessarily taken by Iraq in full and may benefit from one or two billion, but the highest ceiling is 5 billion.”

He pointed out that “the worst decision that was taken since 2014 until today is internal and external borrowing, but the state did not have another path or outlet,” stressing that “if the outlets for selling currency today, taxes and fees and finding alternative resources other than oil are controlled, then I think the state will rise Financially. ”

On the outlets in the Kurdistan region, Al-Saadawi explained, “I am one of the supporters of the separation of the Kurdistan region, which is the best and it is possible to control their outlets with an easy command by controlling the borders between the provinces of the region and the rest of the provinces and imposing taxes and informing the countries of non-cooperation with the Kurdistan region.”


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