Kurdistan Parliament discusses the conditions of the disputed areas


 2020/07/19 15:49:49
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Shafaq News / The Kurdistan Parliament announced today, Sunday, that the disputed regions and parliamentarian affairs committees discussed the conditions in the disputed areas and the policy of Arabization and the risks of ISIS terrorists, and decided to prepare a report to include it in the program of work of the parliament’s sessions. 

A statement in the parliament received to Shafaq News Agency stated that with the aim of preparing a joint report on the situation in the disputed areas, a meeting was held today Sunday noon including the Peshmerga Affairs Committee in the Parliament of Kurdistan under the supervision of the Chairperson of the Disputed Areas Committee in the Parliament of Kurdistan Ravinc Hurry in the presence of members and advisors of the two committees.

The statement pointed out that the meeting witnessed an extensive discussion of the situation of the Kurdish regions outside the administration of the region, the policy of Arabization, displacement of the people of those areas, the dangers of militias on the components, as well as the risks of ISIS terrorists and coordination between the Peshmerga and Iraqi army forces to confront them. 

The statement added that a joint report, enhanced by statistics, data and claims, is to be prepared by the two committees of the regional governments and the federal government regarding the conditions of these regions and submitted to the Presidency of the Parliament with a view to including it in the program of work of the parliament sessions.



The President of the Kurdistan Regional Government condole Al-Kazemi

Kurdish women

2020/07/19 15:35:32

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Shafak News / The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masroor Barzani, today, Sunday 19 July 2020, attributed the Prime Minister of the Federal Government, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, to the death of his wife’s father.

The President of the Kurdistan Regional Government offered his condolences and condolences on the death of Professor Ali Hassan Al-Dujaili, after a terminal illness.


The three presidencies hold a meeting to discuss the overall situation in Iraq


 2020/07/19 12:21:36
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Shafaq News / Today, Sunday 19 July 2020, in Baghdad Palace, President of the Republic Barham Salih, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, and Speaker of Parliament Muhammad Al-Halbousi met.

According to a statement by the Presidency of the Republic, the meeting examined the latest results of the health situation under the Corona pandemic, as well as the overall political, economic and security developments in the country.

It was stressed the importance of health authorities to continue to provide treatment requirements and examinations, and to develop the capabilities available for hospitals and places of health isolation, in a manner that secures the provision of the best treatment services to citizens.

In this context, the meeting expressed great appreciation for the spirit of human and national sacrifice made by the medical and nursing staff and from all workers in the field of providing curative and preventive service. The meeting also stressed the importance of responsible work that the citizen and the Iraqi family can undertake through strict adherence to health instructions. Preventive, which helps to create symbiotic health relations between citizens and health authorities.

During the meeting, various possible ways were discussed to overcome the effects of the current financial situation on the lives of citizens, especially social classes with limited income and capabilities, and in a way that helps to provide services, mainly in the health field, and to sustain the movement of life and the market.

The meeting also praised government measures keen to secure the diversity of national income sources and strive to limit the rentier nature of the economic and financial system. In this context, the meeting affirmed highly appreciated the government measures taken to control border ports and ports, control work procedures therein, root out corruption and spoilers in a manner that preserves public money and the national economy It confirms the sovereignty of the state and the force of law.

In the security field, the meeting examined with special attention the ongoing security, intelligence and military measures in order to continue the war on terror and eliminate its outposts and its sleeping and active cells.

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi presented to the meeting the programs of his upcoming visits to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran. Where the importance of relations between Iraq and the two neighboring countries was emphasized and keenness to develop them in a way that enhances constructive cooperation in various fields, in a way that secures the interests of the peoples in the region and contributes to creating a regional environment based on good understanding and observance of national sovereignty and consolidating the enhanced understanding of security, peace and progress for the region.

The meeting noted that Iraq’s cooperation with its brothers and neighbors will help in rebuilding and improving the economy.

The meeting discussed the necessity of working hard and diligently to create the potential for early elections and setting a date for holding them in light of the pledges and commitment to responsibility before the people and their demands, and the speedy completion of the amendments of the law necessary to achieve free, fair and fair elections that respond to the people’s democratic will.

In the context of the legislative and supervisory work, the meeting discussed the upcoming legislative program for the House of Representatives, and the presidencies confirm their full support for the investigative committee’s efforts in the electricity sector, access to the causes of deterioration in this sector, and accountability for negligence.

The conferees emphasized the national project in support of the capable and sovereign state, capable of protecting the rights of the citizen, the security and sovereignty of the country, and at the meeting various measures were discussed, at various levels, necessary to enhance the role of the state and establish its sovereignty.

It was also stressed the need to continue the work and measures that would enhance the national partnership and achieve a national balance according to the constitution to consolidate the principles of the state of citizenship and the rule of law.

The meeting also dealt with the relationship between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government, and it was stressed the need to work for practical measures that contribute to resolving outstanding issues, and in a way that secures the rights of citizens without discrimination and according to the constitution, and consolidates responsible national understanding.



The Iraqi delegation headed by the Minister of Finance arrives in Riyadh to start the meeting of the Iraqi-Saudi Coordination Council

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Government source

The arrival of the Iraqi delegation 🇮🇶 headed by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Ali Allawi arrives in the Saudi capital 🇸🇦 Riyadh to start the meeting of the Saudi-Iraqi Coordination Council and pave the way for the visit of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to the Kingdom


An Iraqi delegation arrives in Riyadh to discuss ways to enhance strategic communication between the two countries

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Riyadh, July 19 / WAM / An Iraqi delegation headed by Deputy Prime Minister, Finance Minister and Minister of Finance Ali Abdel-Amir Allawi arrived in Riyadh on an official visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to discuss ways to enhance the prospects for strategic communication between the two countries.

The visit of the Iraqi delegation comes in the context of holding the meetings of the Saudi-Iraqi Coordination Council aimed at enhancing communication between the two countries at the strategic level, cooperation in various fields, developing partnership between the private sector in the two countries and opening new horizons of cooperation in the economic, development, security, investment, tourism, cultural and information fields, and deepening Joint cooperation between the two sides in important international and regional affairs, and protecting common interests.

The Iraqi delegation – who arrived in Riyadh one day before an upcoming visit of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to Saudi Arabia tomorrow – includes the ministers of planning, health, electricity, agriculture, youth and sports.

Wam / Rayd / Abdel Nasser Menem


Joint operations regarding the bombing of Al-Akhdar: The parties behind it still want to weaken the state

Today, the Joint Operations Command suspended targeting the Green Zone, confirming that the parties behind it still want to weaken the state .

The leadership said in a statement, “This afternoon, the Green Zone was hit by three 82 mm mortar shells, two and one unexploded .”

She added: “It is clear that the parties behind this attack still want to mix cards and weaken the state .”

She continued, “He must direct the Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces to lead the Joint Operations Command by assigning a rapid intelligence security effort to reach the actors and bring them to justice .”

The leadership called on all citizens to cooperate with the security forces in providing information to combat these criminal groups.


Parliamentary Finance: The employees ’salaries will be paid without delay

money and business

Economy News_ Baghdad

The Finance Committee of the House of Representatives confirmed, on Sunday, that the salaries of employees during the next three months are insured and will be disbursed without delay.
“The Finance Committee is awaiting the economic reform paper that will be presented by the government,” said committee member Mohamed al-Daradji.
He added that the Finance Committee is working to merge the legislative reform paper with the executive paper, stressing the importance of activating the draft economic reform law. 
On the salaries, Darraji indicated that “the borrowing law has secured the payment of employee salaries during the next three months without delay.”
The Central Bank announced, Earlier details of his contribution in the face of the financial crisis, and while confirming the re-deduction of bonds to the Ministry of Finance to secure salaries for a period of three months, it is likely to exchange them early next week.
Ihsan Shamran, Director General of Accounting at the Central Bank, said, “The central bank has a great role in facing the current financial crisis, confirming the re-deduction of bonds in favor of the Ministry of Finance by about 8 trillion dinars.”
He added that “these bonds will enable the ministry to secure the salaries of employees for the months of July and August and September, noting that the bank made it easier for the Ministry of Finance to process the debt repayment for a period of 10 years.”


Clarification about Al-Kazemi’s borrowing from Saudi Arabia and the date for the payment of salaries

Editing Date: 7/1920 14:13


The Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed, on Sunday, the date for distributing the salaries of employees for the coming months, while stressing that the salaries are insured.

Committee member Abdul-Hadi Al-Saadawi said, in an interview that “all salaries for the coming months are insured and we do not need to borrow or recycle other money”, noting that “the defect and delay that occurred this month in the distribution of salaries due to the delay in voting on the decision of internal and external borrowing and the technical delay by Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance. ”

Al-Saadawi added that “we expect that this delay will not be repeated in the coming months, and the salaries will be distributed according to the time limits set for them.”

Regarding Al-Kazemi’s visit to Saudi Arabia and the possibility of borrowing from the Kingdom, Al-Saadawi stated that “Al-Kazemi’s visit does not touch on borrowing from Saudi Arabia, in addition to the fact that external borrowing is limited to a specific amount and time and many countries have refused to pay loans to Iraq.”

He continued, “The amount specified for external borrowing, which is five billion dollars, is not necessarily taken by Iraq in full and may benefit from one or two billion, but the highest ceiling is 5 billion.”

He pointed out that “the worst decision that was taken since 2014 until today is internal and external borrowing, but the state did not have another path or outlet,” stressing that “if the outlets for selling currency today, taxes and fees and finding alternative resources other than oil are controlled, then I think the state will rise Financially. ”

On the outlets in the Kurdistan region, Al-Saadawi explained, “I am one of the supporters of the separation of the Kurdistan region, which is the best and it is possible to control their outlets with an easy command by controlling the borders between the provinces of the region and the rest of the provinces and imposing taxes and informing the countries of non-cooperation with the Kurdistan region.”


Al-Amiri Alliance discloses a message that Zarif carries for the Gulf countries through Iraq


Al-Amri Alliance

07/1920 2020 04:13:46

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Shafaq News / The “Al-Fateh” coalition led by the Secretary General of the Badr Organization, Hadi al-Amiri, revealed on Sunday the real goals of the visit of Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif to Baghdad, and his meeting with a number of Iraqi officials.

The leader of the coalition, Ghazanfar Al-Bateekh, told Shafaq News that “Zarif’s visit to Baghdad aims to emphasize and strengthen Iranian-Iraqi relations and remove some doubts that the Iraqi prime minister has become far from the Iranian axis, after Mustafa Al-Kazemi came to power.”

And that “the visit aims to deliver a message to the Gulf countries, specifically Saudi Arabia, that Tehran is ready to find understandings, according to Iraqi mediation. Zarif’s visit is not without this matter, and Iraq is very possible for him to play this role, and it is not in Iraq’s interest to be With any axis against another axis. ”

The leader of the Al-Fateh Alliance added that “Zarif’s visit to Baghdad also came to follow up the case of the assassination of the Quds Force commander, Qassem Soleimani.”

Zarif arrived Sunday morning at the head of a political delegation in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, to hold talks with senior Iraqi officials.

Zarif will also visit the Kurdistan Region and meet with the senior officials. They are the Kurdish leader, President of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Masoud Barzani, the President of the region, Nechirvan Barzani, and Prime Minister Masrour Barzani.


Iraqi President of Iran: We cooperate with allies and friends to stabilize the region


7/19/2020 06:20:31

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Shafaq News / The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, confirmed during his reception, on Sunday, the Iranian Foreign Minister, the region’s need for mutual understanding to find solutions to crises and establish regional security.

In a statement received by Shafaq News, the Presidency of the Republic said that the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, received today, in Baghdad, the Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, and his accompanying delegation, indicating that Saleh affirmed during the meeting “the depth of historical ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

The statement quoted Saleh as affirming “the necessity of expanding the horizons of bilateral cooperation between the two countries in all fields,” stressing “Iraq’s keenness to be a factor of stability and a center for converging the common interests of the countries of the region in a manner that establishes peace and regional security.”

The Iraqi president pointed out that “the region needs to build balanced relations, mutual understanding, coordination and a clear vision to reach radical solutions to crises and tensions through relying on constructive and frank dialogue between all international parties.”

Saleh stressed that “Iraq attaches importance to protecting its sovereignty, security and stability and cooperates with allies and friends in the framework of mutual respect and non-interference in internal affairs, praising the positions of the Islamic Republic and its support for Iraq, especially in the area of combating terrorism and confronting ISIS gangs.”

The President of the Republic and the Foreign Minister conveyed his greetings and wishes to President Hassan Rouhani and his wishes for the Iranian people with further development, progress and stability, according to the statement, which indicated Zarif conveying the greetings of President Rouhani and the Iranian leadership to the Iraqi president and their wishes for the Iraqi people with more prosperity and prosperity.

The Foreign Minister also expressed his country’s desire to expand the horizons of bilateral cooperation and coordination, and its support for Iraq in various levels, pointing out the importance of strengthening relations between the countries of the region in order to support stability and continue to combat terrorism.

During the meeting, according to the statement, the latest political developments at the regional and international levels and ways of enhancing opportunities for peace and stability were discussed.

Zarif arrived Sunday morning at the head of a political delegation in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, to hold talks with senior Iraqi officials.

Zarif will also visit the Kurdistan Region and meet with the senior officials. They are the Kurdish leader, President of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Masoud Barzani, the President of the region, Nechirvan Barzani, and Prime Minister Masrour Barzani.


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