Major General Tahsin al-Khafaji declares direct control of border crossings

Baghdad / news

A spokesman for the Joint Operations Command, Major-General Tahsin al-Hafaji, announced today, Saturday, that he has begun and began controlling border crossings.

Al-Khafaji told Al-Akhbariya that “our forces have begun imposing control over the border outlets to provide adequate protection for employees,” noting that “the rapid reaction forces imposed control of the Diyala outlets with Iran, while naval forces began securing the ports from any security breach.”

He explained that “Basra operations started to spread in all the border outlets,” noting that “the goal of the deployment is to expel any influential person trying to control or exploit the ports for his own benefit.”

Al-Khafaji pointed out that “another goal is to provide full protection for customs officials who may be exposed or blackmailed, as well as protect vital sites in the outlets.”

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