In conjunction with Al-Kazemi’s visit, demonstrations in Basra were flying the province’s flag

07/15 2020 02:42:54

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Shafaq News / Dozens of people went out in the city of Basra on Wednesday, demonstrating against the visit of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to the province.

The Shafaq News correspondent said that the demonstrations witnessed the raising of the flag of the Basra region in front of the headquarters of the Basra International Hotel on the Corniche, which is where Al-Kazemi is currently.

The correspondent added that the demonstrations refused to visit the Prime Minister and called on some demonstrators to investigate the issue of the killing of protesters in previous demonstrations and to demand payment of daily wages of 30 thousand in state departments

The correspondent pointed out that the number of demonstrators is increasing, and the security forces have closed all roads leading to the Basra International Hotel and there are special forces for the Prime Minister who are present in front of the hotel building.

The reporter added that the journalists were prevented from entering the Basra International Hotel by order of the Prime Minister’s Office, and the journalists criticized for inviting private channels only as directed by Baghdad.

Al-Kazimi arrived, earlier this morning, to the Basra governorate and held a session of the council there, pledging to implement all the demands of its people.

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