The Kurdistan government explains about the reasons for the delay in its delegation’s return to Baghdad: they are coming to get money

2020.07.15 – 17:47

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The Kurdistan Regional Government said on Wednesday that a Kurdish delegation will visit the capital, Baghdad, again, in order to resolve differences, especially financial ones, stressing that the Iraqi constitution is the separation between us.  

“The authorities of Kurdistan continue to dialogue with the federal government and the atmosphere is positive to reach an agreement, and we have emphasized that the constitution is the basis for resolving differences and outstanding issues,” government spokesman Gutiar Adel said in a press conference, which was followed by “Nass” (15 July 2020).  

He added that the regional government is “committed to securing the financial dues of its workers,” noting that “the delay of the delegation’s return to Baghdad is again related to technical issues between the two sides.”  

He also indicated, “The delegation will visit Baghdad in the near future,” explaining by saying, “We are continuing the dialogue with Baghdad and the visits will begin soon for the Kurdish delegation to Baghdad and we are seeking through these discussions to obtain financial dues for the region in accordance with the Iraqi constitution.”  

Regarding the disputed territories, Gutierre said: “We have expressed our readiness for the federal government to participate in the security file in the conflict areas because we know that there is a security vacuum in these areas and in need of cooperation,” stressing that “the dialogues are ongoing but the issue is complex and we need to continue discussions, but with this There is good understanding, too. ”


Parliamentary Security: The Federal Government and the Kurdistan Region have agreed on a road map for managing border crossings

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The Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee announced today, Wednesday (15 July 2020), that the federal government has developed a road map with the territorial government to manage the border outlets, noting that there is a possible visit by a Kurdish delegation to Baghdad to complete the dialogues.

The official news agency quoted a member of the committee, Harim Kamal Agha, as saying that the border outlets are of great economic importance and their organization is an urgent necessity to maximize the country’s economy within the framework of the constitution, and it will be under the “Ministry of Finance and Ports Affairs”.

While he pointed out that the reorganization of ports and resources on the basis of returning them to the “state treasury” is a good thing.

On what was circulated during previous meetings between the delegations of the Kurdistan Regional Government and the federal government, he confirmed that there had been an agreement with the Kurdistan Region to develop a road map “in accordance with the constitution to manage the outlets in the next stage.”

Regarding the conduct of the dialogues between the two parties, Agha explained that it had “made great strides”, and that there was “a possible visit of a Kurdish delegation to Baghdad to complete the dialogues.”

The meetings of the delegation of the Kurdistan Region Peshmerga Ministry concluded with the Iraqi Ministry of Defense on Thursday (2 July 2020) in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, on several issues, including border security and the implementation of joint military operations.

For his part, the spokesman of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Yahya Rasoul, Thursday (July 9, 2020), confirmed to Rudaw Media Network that meetings between representatives of the Peshmerga Ministry and representatives of the federal government forces are continuing to establish the correct mechanism for the work of the joint coordination centers in a number of regions and governorates, This is with the aim of exchanging intelligence and pursuing ISIS cells, especially since there are some areas that witness a security vacuum between the peshmerga veil and the presence of pieces of the federal government, reaching in some areas a distance of 10 square kilometers, or more up to 13 square kilometers.

Rasoul denied, in a statement, the return of the Peshmerga forces to any area controlled by the federal government forces.

Kurdistan government: Soon the delegation of the region will visit Baghdad and there is a good understanding about the disputed

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The capital, Baghdad



07/15 2020 08:19:58

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Shafaq News / The Kurdistan Regional Government announced on Wednesday that it will send the glory of its delegation to the capital, Baghdad, with the aim of tackling disputes and outstanding issues, especially financial ones.

“We continue to dialogue with the federal government and the atmosphere is positive to reach an agreement, and we stressed that the constitution is the basis for resolving differences and outstanding issues,” government spokesman Gutiar Adel said in a press conference after a meeting of the province’s cabinet.

He added that the Kurdistan Regional Government is obligated to secure financial dues for its workers, adding that the delay of the delegation’s return to Baghdad was related to technical issues between the two sides.

He noted that the delegation will visit the capital in the near future, saying that we are continuing the dialogue with Baghdad and the visits will begin soon for the Kurdish delegation to Baghdad and we are seeking through these discussions to obtain financial dues for the region in accordance with the Iraqi constitution

Regarding the disputed areas between Erbil and Baghdad, the spokesman said, “We have expressed our readiness for the federal government to participate in the security file in the conflict areas because we know that there is a security vacuum in these areas and in need of cooperation.” Stressing that “the dialogues are continuing, but the issue is a seat and we need to continue discussions, but with This is a good understanding, too. ”

Al-Kazemi: We have information about the corrupt people in the ports, who will be prosecuted legally

Time: 07/15 2020 14:17:55

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, conducted a tour of the northern Umm Qasr Port in Basra Governorate, as part of an anti-corruption campaign at the border crossings.

According to the statement of the Information Office of the Prime Minister, he received {Al Furat News} that “the general manager of the border outlets gave a detailed presentation on the reality of the southern, central and northern port of Umm Qasr, the mechanisms and procedures taken to facilitate the work there, and what was taken in light of the directives of the Prime Minister.”

He directed the Prime Minister to “protect the customs sanctuary in the ports by military forces and prevent any force or entity trying to enter it by force. He also directed to reduce complicated routine procedures and work to rotate employees to reduce corruption, and affirmed that everyone is under surveillance, and we have information about the corrupt.” In the ports, they will be prosecuted. ”

Al-Kazemi stressed that “the ports are one of the most important border entry points in all countries of the world, as they constitute an essential pillar of the economy, and the necessary plans must be put in place to develop them.”

Al-Kazimi indicated that “the country is going through a financial and economic crisis today, and the most important non-oil financial revenues that can support the state treasury come from ports and customs, but today we face a great challenge with regard to these implementers, which is an opportunity for the government to impose law and order in them.” is over

Mohammed Al-Marsoumi

The Iraqi parliament is approaching the prosecution over “huge sums” wasted in the electricity sector


The Iraqi Parliament

Public Prosecution


7/15/2020 06:15:13

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Shafaq News / The head of the investigation committee in charge of investigating the contracts of the Ministry of Electricity, Hassan Al-Kaabi, announced on Wednesday that the public prosecutor had approached the Ministry of Electricity contracts since the fall of the previous regime until now.

Al-Kaabi said during a press conference in the presence of a number of deputies attended by a reporter of Shafaq News, that the committee formed under Parliamentary Order 62 by the Speaker of the House of Representatives in cooperation with Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi will have a meeting with the representative of the Public Prosecution after the approval of the head of the judiciary, 

He stressed that the investigative committee will meet the Minister of Electricity within the ministry because of the huge amounts of money wasted in this sector, to no avail, that the citizen is still suffering for nearly 17 years. 

On July 12, the Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, Muhammad al-Halbousi, directed the formation of a committee to audit and investigate the contracts of the Ministry of Electricity.

Al-Kazemi announces six decisions from Basra


7/20/2020 04:31:44

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Shafaq News / Today, Wednesday, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi presided over the cabinet meeting held in Basra Governorate and took a number of decisions.

Al-Kazemi said in a statement issued after the session, and it was reported to Shafaq News, that the council will start holding the sessions in the governorates, beginning from the city of Basra, which is dear to our hearts, in order to implement the demands of our people in the governorates and provide services to them, stressing that working in the spirit of a unified and integrated team will help us to overcome crises , And face the many challenges that the country is going through.

He added that Basra and its esteemed people have a special place in the hearts of all Iraqis and that they endured the horrors of dictatorship and wars, just as they endured the consequences of corruption, mismanagement and planning that afflicted their city and their environment, starting from their love for their city, the cultural and economic gateway to Iraq, stressing that serious work must start from Basra, and that it passes through Basra, and it will soon bear fruit in Basra as well. 

According to the statement, the cabinet examined the topics on its agenda, and took a number of decisions concerning Basra Governorate, namely:

1- Approval to proceed with the contracting procedures in the Basra Great Water Project, which is considered one of the most prominent strategic and direct work projects.

2- The involvement of Basra Governorate in the periodic follow-up work of the Great Basra Water Project, through specialized committees, with coordination with the Ministry of Construction, Housing, Municipalities, and Public Works.

3- Assigning the Ministry of Water Resources, in cooperation with consultants to the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Basra Governorate, to submit a plan for the implementation of the tube channel project (Al-Bida Channel), after reviewing and evaluating the available studies, and the ministries of finance and planning include the project within the budget of 2021.

4- Establishing an infrastructure implementation program to proceed with the distribution of residential lands to their beneficiaries through the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Municipalities making use of the consultant contracted with Basra Governorate, to review and update the designs prepared for Al-Sayyab Residential City.

5- Granting the governor of Basra the authority to pay the salaries of thirty thousand visual citizens, from the cash liquidity available in the Basra governorate.

6- The council directed to refer all the delaying projects to the Ministerial Council for Services, and to submit recommendations thereon within a month period, for approval in the Ministerial Council for Services.

During the session, the Prime Minister also directed the referral of the Al-Zubair district sewage project to the Ministerial Council for Social Services, for its study and to provide the appropriate recommendation thereon to the Council of Ministers, provided that the Governor of Basra is hosted in the Ministerial Council for Social Services for the purpose of discussion.

In conjunction with Al-Kazemi’s visit, demonstrations in Basra were flying the province’s flag

07/15 2020 02:42:54

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Shafaq News / Dozens of people went out in the city of Basra on Wednesday, demonstrating against the visit of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to the province.

The Shafaq News correspondent said that the demonstrations witnessed the raising of the flag of the Basra region in front of the headquarters of the Basra International Hotel on the Corniche, which is where Al-Kazemi is currently.

The correspondent added that the demonstrations refused to visit the Prime Minister and called on some demonstrators to investigate the issue of the killing of protesters in previous demonstrations and to demand payment of daily wages of 30 thousand in state departments

The correspondent pointed out that the number of demonstrators is increasing, and the security forces have closed all roads leading to the Basra International Hotel and there are special forces for the Prime Minister who are present in front of the hotel building.

The reporter added that the journalists were prevented from entering the Basra International Hotel by order of the Prime Minister’s Office, and the journalists criticized for inviting private channels only as directed by Baghdad.

Al-Kazimi arrived, earlier this morning, to the Basra governorate and held a session of the council there, pledging to implement all the demands of its people.