Trump’s adviser to “Maalouma”: The White House did not specify a date for Al-Kazemi’s visit

18:24 – 07/14/2020


Information / private …

The American President’s advisor in the Middle East, Gabriel Soma, revealed, on Tuesday, that the White House did not specify a date for the visit of Iraqi President Mustafa Al-Kazemi.

“The White House has not set a date for Al-Kazemi’s visit and to meet with US President Trump to discuss the existing strategic dialogue between the two countries,” Sauma told Al-Maalouma.

A spokesman for Prime Minister Ahmed Mulla Talal had confirmed that “the agenda of Iraqi President Mustafa Al-Kazemi includes a visit to Washington soon to meet US President Trump,” noting that “the meeting is the second stage of the strategic dialogue between Iraq and the United States of America.”


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