In pictures .. Details of Al-Kazemi’s visit today to Karbala and reveals the content of {the white paper}

Time: 7/20/2020 20:41:52 Read: 1,612 times

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} Today, the Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, conducted an inspection visit to Karbala Governorate, during which he was briefed on the health, service and security reality in it.

Al-Kazemi, upon his arrival to the governorate, held a meeting with the governor of Karbala, Nassif al-Khattabi and a number of security leaders in the governorate.

During his visit, the Prime Minister inaugurated the Imam Al-Hassan, peace be upon him hospital, which can accommodate four hundred and ninety-two beds, which is one of the important health projects.

Mr. Al-Kazemi stressed that the opening of the hospital is of great importance in light of the Corona pandemic crisis and the increase in the rate of injuries, and it is the beginning of the implementation of the promises we made in front of our people to provide the best services.

He indicated that the hospital was long overdue, and the government entered a challenge to complete it in less than two months of its life.

Al-Kazemi also inaugurated the Rotary Project of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, that will contribute to unlocking traffic jams in the center of the province during religious events.

The Prime Minister briefed on the project to complete the Karbala Najaf road, and determine the completion rates in it, and also visited the site of the General Company for Grain Trade in Karbala.

 He also visited the expansion project of Al-Joud Modern Agricultural Technology Company, which is being implemented under the auspices of the Abbasid threshold.

Al-Kazemi inspected a number of private sector projects in Karbala governorate, and he showed that Iraq faces great challenges, and we need solidarity and cooperation of all to cross these challenges, stressing that the government is determined to activate the projects lagging due to corruption and mismanagement, and will work to combat all aspects of corruption in it.

Al-Kazemi indicated that the experiences of previous years proved the failure of the total dependence on oil, which has left the state in embarrassments. Iraqi, and an effective contributor to job creation for young people.

Al-Kazemi pointed out the importance of the partnership between the public and private sectors in the coming stage, stressing the support of local projects and the Iraqi product and the activation and revitalization of the Iraqi industry, as well as interest in the agricultural sector, as the government will soon announce important mechanisms and procedures to support the Iraqi farmer and develop agricultural and animal wealth in Iraq.  

The Prime Minister was honored to visit the shrine of Imam Al-Hussein and his brother Al-Abbas, peace be upon them.

Ammar Al-Masoudi finished

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