His spokesman: Al-Kazemi will not hesitate to open an investigation into any attack against peaceful protesters

Time: 07/13 2020 01:27:04

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} A spokesman for the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Yahya Rasoul, today, Monday, issued a statement regarding the assault that occurred to the demonstrators who deserved the salaries of Rafha who were prevented from entering Baghdad.

“The security forces are committed to protecting the constitutional right to peaceful demonstration, and the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces will not fail to open an investigation into any attack against peaceful demonstrators,” Rasul said in a statement received by {Al Furat News}.

He added: “On Sunday, our security forces prevented some buses that did not adhere to the procedures of the Supreme Committee for Health and National Safety regarding the Corona pandemic, because they were crowded with protesters heading to Baghdad, and they refused to comply with procedures intended to protect them and not contribute to spreading the infection.”

He continued: “But unfortunately, some of the demonstrators attacked the security forces that were present to protect them, and attempted to cross by force, so the security forces did not repel them, and the weapons and live ammunition were not used as rumored, and no victim was killed, praise be to God.”

Mohammed Al-Marsoumi



A free initiative launched by a giant company to activate the local Iraqi stores


Sunday 12 July 2020 | 10:01 am

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Baghdad / .. The giant Coca-Cola Company announced the launch of the new “Open your heart more than before” initiative that aims to support local stores to maintain the continuity of their business and help them thrive, pointing out that it will provide free products to retailers to help alleviate the problem of cash liquidity.

The company said, “The launch of this initiative comes in response to the faltering business climate in the retail sector during the current period,” indicating that “the initiative will work with 50 thousand stores across Iraq to help them overcome these difficult times.”

The company added, “As the region begins its recovery phase from the negative consequences of the emerging crisis of the Corona virus, small businesses have been affected by this crisis more than others, and the changing nature of trade has greatly affected small groceries and local stores.”


Coca-Cola clarified that it “aims to support retailers to help them overcome the difficulties they face and with priority to health and personal safety standards”.


She continued, “The leading brand of beverages will provide 500,000 muzzle, in addition to awareness campaigns in stores designed to encourage customers to support local stores throughout Iraq. Moreover, Coca-Cola will give more than 1.3 million products to retailers for free to help mitigate From the problem of cash flow. ”


Commenting on the initiative, Tolga Sibi, Vice President and General Manager for the Middle East at Coca-Cola, said, “In light of the negative repercussions of the Corona pandemic that affected retail and small shops, we have seen that we have a duty to participate in providing the necessary support to alleviate these.”


He added, “The initiative aims to boost the momentum and encourage other companies and the public to create a joint force for the benefit of small businesses and contribute to making a real difference in cooperation with each other.” End 4


The Security Council stresses the speedy disclosure of the identity of the perpetrators of the assassinations and discusses the file of the ports

Baghdad / Al-Akhbariyah

, Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief Mustafa Al-Kazemi chaired a meeting of the Ministerial Council for National Security on Sunday, during which a number of issues and developments on the Iraqi scene were discussed, stressing the speedy disclosure of the identity of the perpetrators of the assassinations.

A statement by Al-Kazemi’s office stated, “Al-Akhbariya” received a copy of it. “Al-Kazemi discussed during the meeting the results of his visit to the Mandali border crossing and the measures that were taken with the aim of advancing the reality of this port and fighting corruption in it and in the other outlets. And laying down plans to develop the border crossings, supporting them and improving their reality and level of performance. ”

He continued, “The Council also discussed the continuation of Turkish violations of Iraqi airspace and lands, and stressed the continuation of the diplomatic dialogue with the Turkish Republic to stop the excesses that constitute an attack on Iraqi sovereignty and harm the close relations between the two friendly countries, as well as damage to lives and property.”

The statement continued that “in another context, the council discussed the issue of demonstrations and the need to preserve their integrity in line with freedom of opinion and expression and to preserve the rule of law and the prestige of the state.”

The council touched on “the file of assassinations, stressing that the competent authorities carry out their duties, expediting the results of the investigation regarding the recent assassinations and revealing the identity of the perpetrators and not tolerating retribution from them.”


The President of the Republic meets with prominent Kurdish leaders in Sulaymaniyah to discuss relations with Baghdad

12-07-2020 08:06 PM

Baghdad News: The

President of the Republic, Barham Salih, held a series of meetings with several Kurdish leaders to discuss the latest developments and relations with Baghdad.

The Union website said that “President of the Republic Barham Salih received Ali Babir, the Emir of the Kurdistan Islamic Group, to discuss the most important security, economic and political developments in the Kurdistan region and Iraq.”

He added, “During the meeting, it was stressed the need to solve the current problems and crises through serious dialogue between all parties to reach appropriate solutions and end crises and problems and restore security and prosperity to all citizens.

During another axis of the meeting, emphasis was placed on the necessity of the region’s budget problems, salaries The employees, and the living conditions of citizens, between the regional and federal governments as well as protecting the rights of citizens equally.

He pointed out that “President of the Republic Barham Salih, today, Sunday, in the city of Sulaymaniyah, Salahuddin Bahauddin, Secretary General of the Islamic Union, met to discuss the latest political developments in the Kurdistan region and Iraq.”


The Iraqi parliament resumes its sessions this week to “discuss two issues”

 12/07/2020 10:32:25
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Shafaq News / The representative of the Sadikoun parliamentary bloc, Fadel Al-Fatlawi, announced today, Sunday, that the Presidency of the Council of Representatives will set a date for this week to resume the sessions to discuss two issues.

Al-Fatlawi told Shafaq News, “A number of political blocs in addition to members of the House of Representatives have submitted several requests to the Presidency of Parliament to resume the sessions of the parliament to discuss a number of important issues, most notably the Corona pandemic.”

He added that “the presidency of the parliament will set a date this week to resume the sessions of the council and issue a decision by parliamentarians to refuse to re-license mobile phone companies.”

And Al-Fatlawi said, “There is a popular and political rejection of the Cabinet decision regarding renewing contracts for mobile phone companies and re-licensing and operating these companies again in Iraq.”

It is noteworthy that the House of Representatives raised its sessions last June 24 to another notice, after having voted, on the law of domestic and external borrowing to finance the public financial deficit.



The Minister of Labor demands that the terms of the World Bank loan be reviewed and subject to Iraqi laws


{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Adel Al-Rikabi, called for a review of the terms of the World Bank loan and subjecting it to the procedures and instructions of Iraqi laws.

This came during his meeting today, Sunday, with representatives of the World Bank mission in Iraq, the United Nations and the Office of Project Management (unpos), in the presence of the Chairman of the Parliamentary Work Committee Raad Al-Dahlaki and a number of members of the Committee. 
A statement issued by his office, which was received by {Al Furat News}, said, “During the meeting, the issue of the emergency project to support the resilience and stability of the liberated areas and the cash-for-work project was discussed and interventions were made with a number of World Bank representatives in Baghdad, Beirut and New York via the Internet.” 
Al-Rikabi stressed during the meeting, “the need to find urgent solutions to the file of the displaced and to provide them with appropriate financial and logistical support through allocating part of the loan amount granted by the World Bank to this segment to assist in their return to their homes after ascertaining their conditions from the competent authorities.”
He pointed out that “the Ministry was keen on the participation of the Labor Committee in the meeting, as it is a main partner for the work of the Ministry, calling on the social partners to support the work of the Ministry.”
Al-Rikabi stressed, “The ministry seeks to end all outstanding files and work according to the principle of priority to support the segments it sponsors, including those related to the World Bank loan file and the need to end the file of the displaced and coordinate with the higher authorities in the state and the relevant ministries to meet the basic needs in order to give them a certain amount in order to encourage them to return to their areas and form A team from the Ministry, the Ministry of Immigration and the Labor Committee to grant these amounts according to an accurate database of displaced families. “
He also called for “reviewing the terms of the World Bank loan and subjecting it to the procedures and instructions of Iraqi laws (instructions for government contracts), noting that the ministry has a new vision and plans to manage the ministry’s work and the services it provides to the groups that benefit from it.”
Al-Rikabi stressed the importance of starting to grant small loans to researchers registered in the ministry’s database according to priority and entitlement after agreement with the World Bank during the next few days.
For her part , it announced the parliamentary committee working full support to the work of the ministry in order to strengthen its financial resources and to provide a best services to segments of society Almokhtlvh.anthy
Wafa Fatlawi

Iraqi Hizbullah threatens US forces and declares its readiness to undertake massive military action


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said a spokesman for the Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades, Abu Ali al-Askari, today (July 12, 2020), that he did not tolerate the decision to remove the American forces from the country.

According to the military tweet on Twitter, he stressed that no one can reassure or protect them, or circumvent the will of the Iraqis.

He believed that the only way to achieve this snuff is the “continuation of the resistance” by popular, political, media and security pressure, because he counted the decision to expel them irreversible, indulgence, and fragmentation.

The military did not rule out resorting to the extensive military action “until these killers acquiesced to the will of the people”, and this was attributed to the fact that they only understand the language of force and break the will, and we have it, in reference to the Americans.

There are currently more than five thousand American soldiers in Iraq. 

Since the end of October 2019, Iraqi military bases have become the target of missile attacks. Dozens of missiles fell on them, and one of them resulted in the killing of an American contractor on December 27, prompting the United States to carry out an operation that resulted in the assassination of the commander of the Quds Force, Qassem Soleimani, and the deputy head of the Popular Mobilization Authority, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, and others at dawn on January 3. The armed factions pledged revenge in response to those raids.

It is noteworthy that there is a strategic security agreement between America and Iraq, on the basis of which the American forces were deployed in Iraq, but that on the fifth of January last, the Iraqi parliament voted by a majority of the votes of the Shiite blocs on the decision to remove foreign forces, which obligated Washington and Baghdad to conduct a strategic dialogue He started his first tour on June 11, and the second round is expected to start soon. 



A government source reveals the files of Al-Kazimi’s upcoming visit to Washington: It includes several aspects, including security

Baghdad / Obelisk: Adviser to the Prime Minister Hisham Daoud said on Sunday 12 July 2020 that the upcoming visit of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to the United States will include several aspects, including security.

And David told media outlets that followed the “obelisk” that the visit includes the development of all relations, including on the security side.

He added that our relations with America are strategic, cultural, scientific, economic, agricultural, and there is no doubt on the security side, and this is normal because we have a joint war against ISIS and military relations and we import weapons from them.

It is expected that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi will visit Washington DC in the next few days, during which he will head the Iraqi side in the second round of the strategic dialogue between the two countries.

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Package of “reforms” .. The Kurdistan government decides to “restructure” the Peshmerga forces

2020.07.12 – 15:00

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Baghdad – people  

On Sunday, the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masroor Barzani, chaired a meeting on the reforms under way in the Peshmerga Ministry, stressing the importance of implementing the reform steps in this file.  

The media office of the President of the Government of Kurdistan, in a statement received “people” a copy of it, that “Barzani praised the role played by the Peshmerga forces, in all stages, in order to protect the security of the Kurdistan Region,” highlighting “the steps to implement the reform law in the ministry as well as Discuss the requirements for implementing and reforming the reform process. ”  

The statement pointed out that, “after exchanging views and discussions about the important axes of reform in the Peshmerga Ministry by the participants in the meeting, it was decided to implement all issues related to reform according to a time limit, including the arrangement and organization of units, the restructuring of the owners of the ministry and the military ranks, the issue of retirees and the file of martyrs and those with special needs And the joint project between the International Alliance and the Ministry of Peshmerga. ”  


Al-Bayati: Negotiations are still in progress between Baghdad and Erbil to return the Peshmerga to Kirkuk

13:59 – 12/07/2020


Information / Baghdad .. The

leader of the Badr Organization, former deputy Muhammad Mahdi Al-Bayati, confirmed, on Sunday, that negotiations between Baghdad and Erbil will continue, regarding the return of the Peshmerga forces to the Kirkuk governorate.

Al-Bayati said in a statement to “Information”, that “there are discussions taking place between the government and the region regarding the desire to return the Asayish and the Peshmerga to Kirkuk Governorate,” noting that “at the present time he does not have any details of those discussions.”

He added that “the rejection of the components of Kirkuk to the return of the Asayish and Peshmerga to the province is based on two basic issues, which are the fear of the Arabs and Turkmen from the return of instability in the governorate.

Al-Bayati explained that “the Kirkuk governorate is linked to the center as the rest of the provinces, and that the responsibility for its security and stability is a governmental affair.” Ended in / 25 pm