Employees ” messaging ” ministers to release their salaries: the second month has passed and our families ’conditions have become more difficult

Localities 7/11/2020 15:17 899 Editor: ta    

Baghdad today – Baghdad

With their salaries delayed for nearly two months, Iraqi officials found a new way to motivate officials and ministers to release their salaries, by sending direct messages, after dozens of appeals that were not heeded.

And while the salaries of the contracts and the daily wages are delayed, the employees entered the permanent line of delay, as some of them reached two months without a salary, in light of the health crisis in the country, and the closures due to Corona.

I arrived at the agency (Baghdad today) to appeal to the employees of the Ministry of Culture, which they sent to Minister Hassan Nazim via social media, and it said, “To Hassan Nazim, the Minister of Culture and the honorable agents of the ministry, do you know that the employees of the ministry departments have not received their salaries since June and the remaining 5 days are due The salaries of this July. ”

The employees added: We are “without salaries in light of the deteriorating health, economic and political crises. Remember the thousands of families who have no source other than their salaries, have mercy on the earth so God bless you in the sky.”

One of the employees of the Ministry of Electricity in the Metrics Readers Department, who are working on collecting taxes from citizens, said that they have worked since the beginning of the year 2020 in the Metrics Readers Department and collect revenues for the Ministry of Electricity, who are approximately 15 thousand employees and until now they have not received anything from their dues over a period of seven months .

The situation did not stop with the employees of the ministries of culture and electricity, but rather it went back to the Ministry of Health and is now progressing the ministries in the face of the Corona epidemic, as the ministry’s employees did not receive their salaries and their appeals rose to the officials.

Last Thursday, Health Minister Hassan al-Tamimi said that doctors and employees of the ministry had not received their salaries for 45 days.

And the Iraqi Ministry of Finance announced, last Friday (3 July 2020), the direct launch of salary financing for last June.

The Director General of the Accounting Department at the Ministry said, in a statement received (Baghdad Today), that the department has started to follow the salary financing transactions since last Wednesday, (1 July 2020), and it continues to do so until completing all salary financing transactions for the month of June.

The Central Bank of Iraq announced last Thursday (2 July 2020) a re-deduction of bonds for the Ministry of Finance to secure salaries for a period of three months, likely to be paid early next week.

The official news agency quoted the Director General of Accounting at the Central Bank, Ihsan Shamran, as saying that the Central Bank has a big role in facing the current financial crisis, stressing the re-deduction of bonds in favor of the Ministry of Finance by about 8 trillion dinars.

Shamran saw that these bonds would enable the ministry to secure employee salaries for the months of July, August and September, pointing out that the bank made it easier for the Ministry of Finance to process the debt repayment for 10 years.



One thought on “Employees ” messaging ” ministers to release their salaries: the second month has passed and our families ’conditions have become more difficult

  1. Storm green zone Demand rate change .The people of Iraq deserve better.They have been taking advantage of for to long..


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