New developments, the return of the Peshmerga to conflict areas

Kurdish women

7/20/2020 03:24:58

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Shafak News / Harim Agha, a member of the Security and Defense Committee in the Iraqi parliament, revealed today, Friday, talks he described as advanced between the Ministry of Defense and Peshmerga to approve mechanisms for the participation of the Kurdish forces in maintaining security in the areas of what is known as the disputed areas between Erbil and Baghdad.

Agha told Shafaq News, the Defense and Peshmerga ministries are considering several options for the Peshmerga participation in bridging the gaps in the disputed areas and not leaving any security spaces or voids in the hands of ISIS militants, stressing that no part of the land of Iraq can be in the hands of ISIS and we have thousands of forces from the forces Federal, popular crowd and peshmerga.

He clarified that the talks focus on securing more than 500 km extending from the outskirts of Diyala to the borders of Rabiaa district in Nineveh, which are fragile security voids and a source of threat and infiltration points for the provinces of Diyala, Kirkuk and Salahuddin, announcing the formation of committees to survey these areas and take the necessary measures and plans to maintain and purify them.

And that the meetings between the defense and the peshmerga are continuing to agree on mechanisms to secure the security-tense areas by setting up joint checkpoints between the security forces and the peshmerga and the crowd or joint forces responsible for clearing these areas.

It is noteworthy that the Peshmerga and local security forces “Asayish” withdrew from the disputed areas after a military campaign launched by the Iraqi forces backed by the popular crowd in mid-October of 2017 against the background of the independence referendum conducted by the Kurdistan Region on September 25 of the same year.

Since that withdrawal, ISIS has intensified its attacks in the fragile areas of security between the provinces of Diyala, Kirkuk and Nineveh, taking advantage of the security absence occupied by the Peshmerga forces

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